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Collie-Preston Electorate Profile

Current Member

Mick Murray is the Member for Collie-Preston. He was elected to the Western Australian Parliament in 2001, winning re-election in 2005, 2008, 2013 and 2017.

He is the Minister for Seniors and Ageing; Volunteering; Sport and Recreation.

Prior to entering parliament, Mick was a mechanic, employed at a large coal mine near Collie for nearly 25 years, and a vocal supporter for workers’ rights as the local union delegate. He has also served on the local Shire Council and on a number of their committees.

Mick grew up in the small town of Duranillin and moved to Collie before entering high school. Mick enjoys fishing and diving and was a successful coach/player with local football teams in Collie.

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About the Collie-Preston Electorate

Area (km2):4,344; Number of Electors: 26,799 (9 March 2015)
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information.
Nomenclature: The townsite of Collie is located in the south west agricultural region, 202 kilometres south south east of Perth, and about 50 kilometres east of Bunbury. It is situated on the Collie River after which it is named. The river, which rises in the Darling Range and flows into Leschenault Estuary near Bunbury, is named after Dr Alexander Collie. Collie, a Royal Navy surgeon, and Lt. William Preston of HMS Sulphur, explored this country and discovered the river in 1829, and Captain James Stirling, the Lieutenant Governor, named it in Collie's honour. Collie was appointed the first Resident Magistrate at Albany in 1831, was later appointed Colonial Surgeon, and died at Albany in 1836.
The townsite of Preston is located in the south west agricultural region, 228 km south of Perth and 18 km from Donnybrook in the Preston River valley. It derives its name from the river on which it is located, which was named in honour of Lieutenant William Preston RN, its discoverer along with Dr Alexander Collie in November 1829.
(Source: Western Australia. Department of Land Administration. Names and Places. )
Suburbs/Towns: Allanson, Australind*, Boyanup, Buckingham, Burekup, Capel, Capel River, Cardiff, Collie, Collie Burn, Crooked Brook, Dardanup, Dardanup West, Shire of Donnybrook Balingup, Eaton, Elgin, Ferguson, Forrest Beach, Gelorup, Gwindinup, Harris River, Henty, Ludlow*, Lyalls Mill, Millbridge, Muja, Mungalup, North Boyanup, Palmer, Paradise, Peppermint Grove Beach, Picton East, Preston Settlement, Stirling Estate, Stratham, The Plains, Waterloo, Wellington Forest, Wellington Mill, Worsley, and Yourdamung Lake.
* = Suburb/Town split between more than one District.
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information
Allanson Primary School; Amaroo Primary School; Australind Primary School; Australind Senior High School; Boyanup Primary School; Bunbury Engagement Centre; Capel Primary School; Clifton Park Primary School; Collie Senior High School; Dardanup Primary School; Eaton Community College; Eaton Primary School; Fairview Primary School; Glen Huon Primary School; River Valley Primary School; Wilson Park Primary School

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School; Child Side School; Leschenault Catholic Primary School; Our Lady of Lourdes School; St Brigid's School
Local Newspapers:
Collie Mail
Donnybrook Bridgetown Mail
Books about Collie-Preston:
John Bird: A rich and diverse heritage - a snapshot of Collie 1898-2010 (270p. Collie Heritage Group, 2010)
L W Johnson: A history of the Collie coal-mining industry (279p. 1956)
Catherine Stedman: 100 years of Collie Coal (363p. Curtin University of Technology, 1988)
H W Williams: One day in Collie (181p. Shire of Collie, 1979)

2017 Election Result

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Successive Members for the Collie-Preston District

Mick Murray
Mick Murray

Constituency created under the Redistribution of Seats 2007 - Previously Collie-Wellington

Michael (Mick) Philip Murray Australian Labor Party 2001 (as MLA for Collie) -
b = by-election