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Geraldton Electorate Profile

Current Member

Ian has lived and worked in the Mid West all of his life. For most of his life, Ian was involved in farming grain and sheep. He spent time in the local Army Reserve Unit, as a Grain Councillor for the WA Farmers Federation, a member of the Advisory Committee of the Mid West Development Authority and as a farmer member of the Western Panel of the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Ian is the patron of the Geraldton Surf Life Saving Club, the patron of the Greenough Rifle Club, and the vice-patron of the Western Australian Rifle Association. He is a member of the WA Farmers’ Federation, the Midwest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Geraldton Rotary Club.

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About the Geraldton Electorate

Number of Electors: 23,205 (9 March 2015)
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information.
Nomenclature: The largest city in Western Australia north of Perth, Geraldton is located on the coast 424 kilometres north north west of Perth. The city is located on Champion Bay, discovered by Commander D. Dring in the colonial schooner Champion in January 1840. The bay was named by the Royal Navy hydrographic surveyor, J.L. Stokes, who surveyed it later in 1840.
The Geraldton area was first explored by George Grey in 1839. In 1848 copper and lead were discovered on the Murchison River, and later that same year the Governor, Charles Fitzgerald, inspected the mineral deposits himself. On this trip he was speared in the leg by local Aborigines. The first exports of ore from the Murchison mines was made from Champion Bay in 1849, and soon after in 1850 surveyor Augustus Gregory was instructed to survey a townsite at this place.
By March 1850 Gregory had surveyed 40 half-acre allotments, and on June 3 1851 the townsite of Geraldton was declared. The name was most probably given by Surveyor General J.S. Roe, and honours the colony's Governor at that time, Captain Charles Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was born in Ireland in 1791, and joined the Royal Navy in 1809. He rose to the rank of Captain in 1840 , and was Governor of Western Australia from 1848 to 1855.

Source: Western Australia. Department of Land Administration. Names and Places.
Suburbs/Towns: Beachlands, Beresford, Bluff Point, Bootenal, Bringo, Burma Road, Cape Burney, Deepdale, Drummond Cove, East Chapman, Ellendale, Eradu, Eradu South, Georgina, Geraldton, Glenfield, Greenough, Karloo, Kojarena, Mahomets Flats, Meru, Minnenooka, Moonyoonooka, Moresby, Mt Hill, Mt Tarcoola, Narngulu, Northern Gully, Rangeway, Rudds Gully, Sandsprings, South Greenough, Spalding, Strathalbyn, Sunset Beach, Tarcoola Beach, Tibradden, Utakarra, Waggrakine*, Walkaway, Wandina, Webberton, West End, Wicherina, Wonthella and Woorree
* = Suburb/Town split between more than one District.
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information
Allendale Primary School
Beachlands Primary School
Bluff Point Primary School
Geraldton Primary School
Geraldton Senior College
Holland Street School
John Willcock College
Meekatharra School of the Air
Midwest Engagement Centre
Mount Tarcoola Primary School
Rangeway Primary School
Waggrakine Primary School
Walkaway Primary School
Wandina Primary School

Geraldton Flexible Learning Centre
Geraldton Grammar School
Leaning Tree Community School
Nagle Catholic College
St Francis Xavier Primary School
St John's School St Lawrence's Primary School
Strathalbyn Christian College
Local Newspapers:
Geraldton Guardian
Midwest Times
Yamaji News
Books about Geraldton:
Geraldton - 150 years, 150 lives (200p. Geraldton Regional Library, 2001)
Geraldton - a photographic history (272p. Geraldton Regional Library, 2004)
Mary Bain: a life of its own - a social and economic history of the City of Geraldton and the Shire of Greenough, 1846-1988 (363p. City of Geraldton, 1996)
Constance Norris: Memories of Champion Bay of old Geraldton (117p. Soroptimist International, 1989)
Helen Wilson: Geraldton sketchbook (64p. Rigby, 1976)
Local Governments within District
City of Greater Geraldton (part)

2017 Election Result

Geraldton election result

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2017 General State Election Analysis

Successive Members for the Geraldton District

Edward Keane
Edward Keane

Constituency created under the Redistribution of Seats 2015

Edward Vivian Harvey Keane   1890 - 1891
George Thomas Simpson Oppositionist 1891b - 1899
Richard Robson Independent 1899b - 1900
Robert David Hutchinson Oppositionist 1900b - 1904
Henry Carson Ministerialist 1904 - 1906
Thomas Leishman Brown Australian Labor Party 1906b - 1908
Henry Carson Ministerialist 1908 - 1911
Bronterre Washington Dooley Australian Labor Party 1911b - 1913
Samuel Richard Lewes Elliott Liberal Party 1913b - 1914
Edward Ernest Heitmann Australian Labor Party 1914 - 1917
Samuel Richard Lewes Elliott Liberal Party April 1917b - September 1917
John Collings Willcock Australian Labor Party 1917 - 1947
Edmund Henry Hartley Hall Country Party 1947 - 1950
William Hawkins Sewell Australian Labor Party 1950 - 1974
Jeffrey Phillip Carr Australian Labor Party 1974 - 1991
Robert (Bob) Clyde Bloffwitch Liberal Party 1991b - 2001
Shane Robin Hill Australian Labor Party 2001 - 2008
Ian Charles Blayney Liberal
2008 - 24 July 2019
24 July 2019 - 17 August 2019
17 August 2019 -
b = by-election

By-elections for the Geraldton District

1891   Resignation of Edward Vivian Hartley Keane, November 1891. George Thomas Simpson elected.
1899   Resignation of George Thomas Simpson, 27 June 1899. Richard Robson elected.
1900   Resignation of Richard Robson, 13 June 1900. Robert David Hutchinson elected.
1906   Occasioned by the upholding of a petition against the return of Henry Carson 26 October 1906; seat declared vacant 30 October 1906.
Thomas Leishman Brown elected.
1913   Death of Bronterre Washington Dooley, 3 October 1913. Samuel Richard Lewes Elliott elected.
1917   Resignation of Edward Ernest Heitmann, 20 March 1917. Samuel Richard Lewes Elliott elected.
1991   Resignation of Jeffrey Phillip Carr, 28 February 1991. Robert (Bob) Clyde Bloffwitch elected.