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Shane brings a wealth of experience in community service, small business and agriculture to The Nationals WA team as the Member for Moore, and Deputy Leader of The Nationals WA. Shane has lived and worked in regional WA for most of his life.

He completed high school in Albany and has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia.

Shane was involved in local government for more than 11 years, including as Shire President of Dandaragan from 2004 to 2013. He has served a range of regional and local organisations, including as a Director of the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council, a Board member of the Wheatbelt Development Commission, member of the Wheatbelt Regional Advisory Planning Committee the West Midlands Natural Resource Group, Central Coastal Business Enterprise Centre Board and the Badgingarra School Council.

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About the Moore Electorate

Area (km2): 71,817 Number of Electors: 23,894 (9 March 2015)
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information.
Nomenclature: Named after the Moore River, which discovered by and named after George Fletcher Moore, Advocate General 1830. It was named by Mr Hefferon, a police constable who accompanied him. Moore was a prominent settler of the early days of the Colony, and also a member of the Legislative Council.
(Source: Western Australia. Department of Land Administration. Names and Places. )
Suburbs/Towns: Ajana, Allanooka, Alma, Ambania, Arrino, Arrowsmith, Arrowsmith East, Badgingarra, Bambun, Barberton, Beermullah, Bejoording, Berkshire Valley, Bindi Bindi, Bindoon, Binnu, Bolgart, Bonniefield, Bookara, Boonanarring, Boothendarra, Bowes, Bowgada, Breera, Buller, Bundanoon, Bunjil, Buntine, Calingiri, Canna, Caraban, Carani, Carnamah, Cataby, Cervantes, Chittering, Coolcalalaya, Cooljarloo, Coomberdale, Coonabidgee, Coondle, Coorow, Cowalla, Culham, Cullalla, Dalwallinu, Dandaragan, Dartmoor, Devils Creek, Dewars Pool, Dindiloa, Dongara, Dudawa, Dumbarton, Durawah, East Bowes, East Damboring, East Nabawa, East Yuna, Eganu, Eneabba, Gabalong, Gabbadah, Gillingarra, Gingin, Ginginup, Glentromie, Goodlands, Granville, Green Head, Gregory, Grey, Guilderton, Gunyidi, Gutha, Hickety, Hill River, Hoddys Well, Holmwood, Horrocks, Howatharra, Ikewa, Irwin, Isseka, Jibberding, Julimar, Jurien Bay, Kadathinni, Kalannie, Kalbarri, Karakin, Koojan, Koolanooka, Lancelin, Latham, Ledge Point, Leeman, Lennard Brook, Lockier, Lower Chittering, Marchagee, Marne, Maya, Merkanooka, Miamoon, Miling, Milo, Mimegarra, Mindarra, Mingenew, Mogumber, Mooliabeenee, Moondah, Moondyne, Moora, Mooriary, Morangup, Morawa, Mt Adams, Mt Budd, Mt Erin, Mt Horner, Muchea, Muckenburra, Mullewa, Nabawa, Namban, Nambung, Nangetty, Nanson, Naraling, Narra Tarra, Neergabby, New Norcia, Nilgen, Nolba, North Eradu, Northampton, Nugadong, Nunierra, Nunile, Oakajee, Ogilvie, Old Plains, Orange Springs, Perenjori, Petrudor, Piawaning, Pindar, Pintharuka, Pithara, Port Denison, Red Gully, Regans Ford, Rothsay, Sandy Gully, Seabird, South Yuna, Springfield, Tardun, Tenindewa, Three Springs, Toodyay, Waddington, Waddy Forest, Waggrakine*, Walebing, Wandana, Wanerie, Wannamal, Warradarge, Watheroo, Wattening, Wedge Island, West Binnu, West Casuarinas, West Toodyay, White Peak, Wilbinga, Womarden, Wongoondy, Woodridge, Wubin, Wyening, Xantippe, Yallabatharra, Yandanooka, Yarawindah, Yardarino, Yarragadee, Yathroo, Yerecoin, Yetna and Yuna.
* = Suburb/Town split between more than one District.
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information
Badgingarra Primary School
Bindoon Primary School
Binnu Primary School
Bolgart Primary School
Calingiri Primary School
Carnamah District High school
Central Midlands Senior High School
Cervantes Primary School
Chapman Valley Primary School
Coorow Primary School
Dalwallinu District High School
Dandaragan Primary School
Dongara District High school
Eneabba Primary School
Gingin District High School
Jurien Bay District High school
Kalannie Primary School
Kalbarri District High school
Lancelin Primary School
Leeman Primary School
Miling Primary School
Mingenew Primary School
Moora Primary School
Morawa District High School
Mullewa District High school
Northampton District High School
Perenjori Primary School
Three Springs Primary School
Toodyay District High school
WA College of Agriculture - Morawa
Watheroo Primary School
Yerecoin Primary School
Yuna Primary School

Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon
Immaculate Heart College
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School
St Joseph's School
St Mary's School
Woodthorpe School
Local Newspapers:
Toodyay Herald
Central Midlands & Coastal Advocate
Books about Moore:
Enid Cannon: Golden opportunities - a history of Perenjori, Western Australia (230p. Enid Cannon, 1983)
Rosemary Van den Berg: No options, no choice! the Moore River experience - my father, Thomas Corbett, an Aboriginal half caste (229p. Magabala Books, 1994)
Bruce Buchanan: Chittering, exploration to shire - being a history of the Shire from written sources excepting Muchea before 1923 and Wannamai (313p. Shire of Chittering, 2000)
W de Burgh: Cowalla and its buildings - the story of an early Moore River cattle station (Resource Press, 2004)
W de Burgh: A story of the Cowalla coast run 1873-1964 (Hesperian Press, 2007)
W de Burgh: Neergabby (where the brook and river meet) - a history of the Moore River and lower Gingin Brook 1830 to 1960 (212p. Shire of Gingin, 1976)
W de Burgh: The old North Road (188p. Hesperian Press, 2002)
One small Port, three names - a history of the Dongara Port (90p. Guardian Print, 2009)
Roger Tonkin: Moora 1907-1992, a record of community service (213p. Bookmark Publishing, 1992)
Hazel Udell: Gingin 1830-1960 (364p. Shire of Gingin, 1979)
Helen Crake: 'Carridena' - a history of the Three Springs Shire area (122p. Three Springs Shire Council, 1979)
Elizabeth Nelson-Broad: The Caroline connection - pioneers of the Irwin District (88p. Elizabeth Broad-Nelson, 2005)
David Hutchison: A town like no other - the living tradition of New Norcia (156p. Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1995)
Peter Bridge: Little boy lost - Northampton in 1865 (20p. Hesperian Press, 2010)
Peter Bridge: Peterwangy - Western Australia's first goldrush (99p. Hesperian Press, 2008)
P Heydon: Westward to the sea - reminiscences and history of the Carnamah District 1861 - 1867 (Carnamah Shire Council, 1988)
Margaret McConnell: Plateau, plain and coast - a history of Dandaragan (273p. Shire of Dandaragan, 1993)
Bert Keeffe: Eastward ho to Mullewa and the Murchison (188p. Mullewa Shire Council, 1995)
Mingenew 1846-1986 (162p. Hesperian Press, 1988)
Susan Maushart: Sort of a place like home - remembering the Moore River Native Settlement (351p. Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1993)
Frank Goldsmith: The history of Morawa (102p. Morawa Shire Council, 1961)
A Henville: Shire of Northampton, Western Australia, 1973 (24p. Northampton Shire Council, 1973)
Stan Gervas: Pioneer to progress - 100 years of Latham-Maya (227p. Latham-Maya Centenary Committee, 2009)
Alison Cromb: The history of the Toodyay Convict Depot - a tale of the convict era of Western Australia (147p. Alison Cromb, 2010)
Rica Erickson: Toodyay homesteads, past and present (184p. Hesperian Press, 2006)
Rica Erickson: Old Toodyay and Newcastle (400p. Toodyay Shire Council, 1974)
Rica Erickson: The Victoria Plains (221p. Lamb Paterson, 1971)
Wally Chitty: Toodyay, the good old days (228p. Hesperian Press, 2004)
Ken Spillman: Hands to the plough - the Shire of Victoria Plains since 1945 (238p. Shire of Victoria Plains, 2005)
Samille Mitchell: Kalbarri (135p. Dept of Environment and Conservation, 2009)
P McDonnell: Chapman Valley pioneers (112p. Geraldton Newspapers, 1974)
Mary Veal: Every year the Christmas bush - stories (144p. Abrolhos Publications, 1985)

2017 Election Result

* Election analysis

Successive Members for the Moore District

George Randell
George Randell
George Randell   1890 - 1892
Henry Bruce (Sir) Lefroy Ministerialist 1892b - 1901
Dr Michael O'Connor Ministerialist 1901 - 1904
Constituency abolished under Redistribution of Seats 1903.
Constituency revived under Redistribution of Seats 1911.
Henry Bruce (Sir) Lefroy Ministerialist 1911 - 1921
James Samuel Denton Country Party 1921 - 1927
Percy Douglas Ferguson Country Party 1927 - 1930
Constituency abolished under Redistribution of Seats 1929 and amalgamated with Irwin to form Irwin-Moore.
Constituency revived under Redistribution of Seats 1948.
John Hugh Ackland Country Party 1950 - 1958
Edgar Henry Mead Lewis Country Party 1958b - 1974
Albert Victor Crane National Country Party (later Liberal) 1974 - 1989
William (Bill) John McNee Liberal 1989 - 2005
Gary Snook Liberal 2005 - 2008
Grant Allen Woodhams Nationals 2008 - 2013
Ronald (Shane) Shane Love National Party 2013 -
b = by-election