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John Carey has lived in Perth for more than a decade and loves the great lifestyle that the city offers. As a former Mayor of Vincent, which includes parts of West Perth, East Perth and Perth, he has been working hard to make these precincts more vibrant and safer for residents.

John founded the Beaufort Street Network, a local business and resident organisation aimed at revitalizing the precinct. The Network has driven the transformation of the Beaufort Street precinct, through projects which have helped built a sense of a real community. John also co-founded the Beaufort Street Festival, credited with putting the café and retail on the tourist map.

John is the Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier; Minister for Public Sector Management; State Development, Jobs and Trade; Federal-State Relations; Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Transport; Planning, and Lands

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About the Perth Electorate

Number of Electors: 26,122 (9 March 2015)
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information.
Nomenclature: The story of the naming of Perth begins with the instructions given to Captain Stirling, Lieutenant Governor designate of the proposed colony of Western Australia, regarding the foundation of the colony. Stirling received a letter from the Secretary for the Colonies, Sir George Murray, which read:
"Amongst your earliest duties will be that of determining the most convenient site for a Town to be erected as the future seat of Government. You will be called upon to weigh maturely the advantages which may arise from placing it on so secure a situation as may be afforded on various points of the Swan River, against those which may follow from establishing it on so fine a port for the reception of shipping as Cockburn Sound is represented to be...".
Stirling was therefore given the choice of establishing the chief town on Cockburn Sound, or "on various points on the Swan River". It has been established that Murray actually gave Stirling more explicit instructions, and advised him that failing the establishment of the town at Cockburn Sound, he was to fix the site for it at the confluence of the two rivers, the Swan and the Canning, or in other words, at Point Heathcote. Stirling had good reasons to disobey Murray, but briefly they were that it was that the Perth site was "decidely preferable in building materials, streams of water, and facility of communication".
Stirling did however gladly comply with Sir George Murray's command that the new town be called Perth. Murray's reasons for choosing the name, Perth, were purely sentimental and quite understandable, for he was both a Perthshire man and represented his birthplace in the House of Commons. The choice suited Stirling, himself a Scotsman, although it is recorded that at least one early settler, William Leake complained to the Home Office about the name. August 12, 1829 marked the day of the founding of the town, when Mrs Helen Dance cut down a tree. August 12 was also the birthday of King George IV.
(Source: Western Australia. Department of Land Administration. Names and Places. )
Suburbs/Towns: Coolbinia*, East Perth*, Highgate, Leederville, Mt Hawthorn, Mt Lawley*, North Perth, Northbridge, Perth and West Perth.
* = Suburb/Town split between more than one District.
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information
Highgate Primary School
Kyilla Primary School
Mount Hawthorn Primary School
North Perth Primary School

Aranmore Catholic College
Aranmore Catholic Primary School
Mercedes College
Sacred Heart Primary School
St George's Anglican Grammar School
Trinity College
Local Newspapers:
Perth Voice
Books about Perth
Jenny Gregory: City of light - a history of Perth since the 1950s (403p. City of Perth, 2003)
George Seddon: A city and its setting - images of Perth, Western Australia (304p. Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 1986)
C T Stannage: The people of Perth - a social history of Western Australia's capital city (364p. Perth City Council, 1979)
Perth Western Australia, a wealth of resources (222p. Focus Books, 1993)
Alexandra Hasluck: Victorian and Edwardian Perth from old photographs (118p. John Ferguson, 1977)
Ian Warne: Perth heritage in watercolour (24p. I Warne, 1994)
Stan Gervas: Sunday mornings in Perth (170p. Gervas Books, 2003)
Simon Nevill: Perth and Fremantle, past and present (191p. Simon Nevill, 2007)
Edmund Robless: The streets of Perth, past and present (99p. Loose Booty Productions, 2008)
Dino Di Rado: Perth's history, the 1900s - the era Perth changes (Part 1 - historic buildings and early transport) (29p. 2009)
Julie Davidson: Early businesses of Vincent, a local history (242p. Town of Vincent, 2010)
Our Town: early photographs from the Town of Vincent local history collection (86p. Town of Vincent Library, 2007)
John Yiannakis: Northbridge history studies day papers (275p. Network Books, 2009)
Jo Darbyshire: The Coolbaroo Club 1947 - 1960

2017 Election Result

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Successive Members for the Perth District

Edward Scott
Edward Scott
Edward Scott   1890 - 1891
Thomas George Anstruther Molloy   1892b - 1894
George Randell   1894 - 1897
Henry Lyall Hall Ministerialist 1897 - 1901
Frank Wilson Oppositionist April - December 1901
William Mortimer Purkiss Ministerialist 1901b - 1904
Harry Brown Ministerialist 1904 - 1911
Walter Dwyer Australian Labor Party 1911 - 1914
James Daniel Connolly Liberal 1914 - 1917
Robert Rivington Pilkington Nationalist 1917b - 1921
Henry Willoughby Mann Nationalist 1921 - 1933
Edward Needham Australian Labor Party 1933 - 1950
Constituency abolished under Redistribution of Seats 1948.
Constituency revived under Redistribution of Seats 1961.
Stanley Heal Australian Labor Party 1962 - 1965
Peter Drew Durack Liberal and Country League 1965 - 1968
Terrence (Terry) Joseph Burke Australian Labor Party 1968 - 1987
Ian Christopher Alexander Australian Labor Party 1987b - 1993
Diana Muriel Warnock Australian Labor Party 1993 - 2001
John Norman Hyde Australian Labor Party 2001 - 1913
Eleni Evangel Liberal Party 2013 - 2017
John Carey Australian Labor Party 2017 -
b = by-election