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A Katanning farmer, businessman, husband and father, Peter Rundle is excited and humbled to represent the people of Roe.

Off the farm, Peter boasts a strong background in regional development, being appointed as chair of the Great Southern Development Commission by Brendon Grylls in 2009.

In 2011, Peter was appointed as a member of the WA Regional Development Trust – an independent group tasked with providing direction to the State Government on the future of Royalties for Regions.

Outside of work Peter is an avid sportsman and loves to have a hit of tennis, squash or golf.

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About the Roe Electorate

Number of Electors: 25,515 (9 March 2015)
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information.
Nomenclature: John Septimus Roe (1797-1878) was a naval officer, surveyor and explorer. He was born on 8 May 1797 in Berkshire, England, becoming a midshipman in the Royal Navy in 1813. In 1817 Roe was posted as a Master's Mate to the surveying service in NSW and took part in numerous coastal surveys. He became a Lieutenant in 1823. In June 1829 he arrived in WA to take up the position of Surveyor-General (which he held for the next 40 years). Roe was influential in Western Australia's development. Records of 16 journeys of exploration by Roe exist. He was responsible for inspiring the likes of John and Alexander Forrest and the Gregory brothers. He retired in 1870 and died on 28 May 1878.
(Source: Western Australia. Department of Land Administration. Names and Places. )
Suburbs/Towns: Amelup, Arthur River, Badgebup, Ballaying, Bannister, Beaufort River, Beenong, Bobalong, Boilup, Bokal, Borden, Borderdale, Boscabel, Boundain, Bowelling, Boxwood Hill, Boyerine, Bremer Bay, Broomehill East, Broomehill Village, Broomehill West, Bullock Hills, Buniche, Cancanning, Carrolup, Cartmeticup, Changerup, Cherry Tree Pool, Coblinine, Codjatotine, Collanilling, Commodine, Contine, Cowalellup, Coyrecup, Crossman, Cuballing, Dardadine, Darkan, Dartnall, Datatine, Dongolocking, Dryandra, Dudinin, Dumberning, Dumbleyung, Dunn Rock, Duranillin, Dwarda, East Newdegate, East Pingelly, East Popanyinning, East Wickepin, Esperance Shire, Ewlyamartup, Fitzgerald River Nat Pk, Forest Hill, Frankland River, Gairdner, Gillimanning, Glencoe, Gnowangerup, Gundaring, Harrismith, Hastings, Highbury, Hillside, Holt Rock, Jackitup, Jacup, Jaloran, Jilakin, Jingalup, Jitarning, Katanning, Kebaringup, Kendenup, Kenmare, Kirk Rock, Kojonup, Kuender, Kukerin, Kulin, Kulin West, Lake Biddy, Lake Camm, Lake Grace, Lake King, Lake Toolbrunup, Lime Lake, Little Italy, Lol Gray, Lower Hotham, Lumeah, Magenta, Magitup, Mallee Hill, Malyalling, Marracoonda, Marradong, Meeking, Merilup, Mills Lake, Mindarabin, Minding, Minigin, Mobrup, Mokup, Monjebup, Moodiarrup, Moojebing, Moonies Hill, Moulyinning, Mt Barker, Mt Madden, Mt Sheridan, Muradup, Murdong, Nairibin, Nalyerlup, Narrikup, Narrogin, Narrogin Valley, Needilup, Neendaling, Newdegate, Nippering, Nomans Lake, North Bannister, North Burngup, North Kukerin, North Lake Grace, North Moulyinning, North Stirlings, Nyabing, Ongerup, Orchid Valley, Pallinup, Piesseville, Pingaring, Pingrup, Pinwernying, Popanyinning, Porongurup, Pumphreys Bridge, Qualeup, Quindanning, Ranford, Ravensthorpe Shire, Rocky Gully, Ryansbrook, South Datatine, South Glencoe, South Kukerin, South Lake Grace, South Newdegate, Springs, Stratherne, Takalarup, Tambellup, Tarin Rock, Tenterden, Tincurrin, Toolibin, Toompup, Townsendale, Trigwell, Upper Murray, Varley, Wagin, Walyurin, Wansbrough, Wardering, Wedgecarrup, West Fitzgerald, West Pingelly, West Popanyinning, Westwood, Wickepin, Williams, Wogolin, Woodanilling, Woogenellup, Yealering, Yilliminning and Yornaning.
* = Suburb/Town split between more than one District.
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information
Borden Primary School
Braeside Primary School
Broomehill Primary School
Cascade Primary School
Castletown Primary School
Condingup Primary School
Cranbrook Primary School
Darkan Primary School
Dumbleyung Primary School
East Narrogin Primary School
Esperance Primary School
Esperance Senior High School
Frankland River Primary School
Gnowangerup District High School
Hopetoun Primary School
Jerdacuttup Primary School
Katanning Primary School
Katanning Senior High School
Kojonup District High School
Kukerin Primary School
Kulin District High School
Lake Grace District High School
Lake King Primary School
Munglinup Primary School
Narrogin Primary School
Narrogin Senior High School
Newdegate Primary School
Nulsen Primary School
Nyabing Primary School
Ongerup Primary School
Pingrup Primary School
Ravensthrorpe District High School
Salmon Gums Primary School
Scaddan Primary School
Tambellup Primary School
WA College of Agriculture - Narrogin
Wagin District High School
Wickepin Primary School
Williams Primary School
Woodanilling Primary School
Yealering Primary School

Esperance Anglican Community School
Esperance Christian Primary School
Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School
St Bernards School
St Matthew's School
St Patrick's School
Wongutha Christian Aboriginal Parent-Directed School
Woodthorpe School
Local Newspapers:
Wagin Argus
Kojonup News
Narrogin Observer
Books about Roe:
Merle Bignell: First the spring - a history of the Shire of Kojonup, Western Australia (251p. UWA Press, 1982)
Merle Bignell: The fruit of the country, a history of the Shire of Gnowangerup, Western Australia (325p. UWA Press, 1977)
Merle Bignell: A place to meet - a history of the Shire of Katanning, Western Australia ( 350p. Shire of Katanning, 1981)
Terry Klemm: A history of Dumbleyung (56p. Advance Press, 1968)
John Bird: West of the Arthur (448p. West Arthur Shire Council, 1990)
H Cowin: The Williams (Williams Shire Council, 1971)
William Greble: A bold yeomanry - social change in a wheat belt district, Kulin 1848-1970 (283p. Kulin Shire Council, 1979)
O Pustkuchen: The way through, the story of Narrogin (357p. Artlook Books, 1981)
William Beecham: History of the Shire of Kent (151p. Shire of Kent, 1975)
M Pederick: The emu's watering place - a brief history of the Wagin District (263p. Shire of Wagin, 1979)
Maxine Laurie: Frankland to the Stirlings - a history of the Cranbrook Shire (198p. Shire of Cranbrook, 1994)
Marion Lofthouse: Shire of Harvey, 1895-1995, proud to be 100 (144p. Shire of Harvey, 1995)
Sally Thomas: Wellsteads of Bremer Bay (1972)
Penny Blumann: Faith, hope and reality - Esperance 1895-1995 (Esperance Shire Council, 1995)
John Rintoul: Esperance - yesterday and today (1964, 202p.)
A.W. Archer: Ravensthorpe - then and now (1976?, 48p.)

2017 Election Result

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Peter Rundle
Peter Rundle

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