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Current Member

Peter was born in Perth and attended John Curtin Senior High School. Peter is also a graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon and the University of New England.

For most of his 24 years in the Army, Peter served with the Special Air Service Regiment and has the honour of being the first member in the history of the SAS to advance from Trooper to Squadron Commander.

In 2003, Peter’s exceptional service was recognised with his appointment as a Member of the Order of Australia.

After several years of running his own small business, Peter was elected as Member for Willagee in 2009 and is a strong advocate for his local area. Peter is currently serving as the Minister for Housing; Veterans Issues; Fisheries; and Asian Engagement.

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About the Willagee Electorate

Number of Electors: 24,639 (9 March 2015)
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information.
The suburb of Willagee takes its name from Willagee Swamp, the Aboriginal name of a feature now reclaimed. The area was developed in the early 1950's, and the name approved in 1954.
Source: Western Australia. Department of Land Administration. Names and Places.
Bibra Lake, Coolbellup, Kardinya, Murdoch, North Lake, O'Connor*, Samson South Lake* and Willagee.
* = Suburb/Town split between more than one District.
Source: Western Australian Electoral Commission. State Electorate Information
Government: Bibra Lake Primary School; Caralee Community School; Coolbellup Community School; Coolbellup Learning Centre; Fremantle Language Development Centre; Fremantle Primary Behaviour Centre; Kardinya Primary School; Lakeland Senior High School; North Lake Senior Campus; Samson Primary School; South Lake Primary School

Other: Blue Gum Montessori School; Perth Waldorf School; Seton Catholic College; Kennedy Baptist College
Local Newspapers
Melville City Herald
Melville Times Community
Books about Willagee
  • B Pittman: The Willagee way - the Willagee community history (65p. City of Melville, 2006)
Local Governments within District
City of Cockburn (part)
City of Fremantle (part)
City of Melville (part)

2017 Election Result


Successive Members for the Willagee District

Alan Carpenter
Alan Carpenter

Constituency created under Redistribution of Seats 1994

Alan John Carpenter Australian Labor Party 1996 - 2009
Peter Charles Tinley Australian Labor Party 2009b -
b = by-election