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Industrial Relations (Prohibition of Bargaining Services Fees) Amendment Bill 2007

Bill No. 221
Long Title The purpose of this Bill is to bring the Industrial Relations Act 1979 into alignment with the Workplace Relations Amendment Bill 2007 currently before Federal Parliament. The proposed amendments would insert an amendment into Section 96A of the State Industrial Relations Act, which deals with freedom of association. The purpose is to clarify and simplify the interpretation of 'bargaining services' and 'bargaining services fees'. A further proposed amendment would insert after Section 96B a section to be known as 96BA which will expressly provide that any award, industrial agreement or order or order under the Act shall not include in it a 'bargaining services fee'.

Private Members Bill introduced by Mr Murray John Cowper

Status Bill Lapsed
Current Bill
Legislative Assembly DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 06/21/2007  
First Reading 06/21/2007  

Other Procedures DateNote No.Related Links
Bill Lapsed  08/07/2008 1 

1 - The 37th Parliament was prorogued and the Legislative Assembly dissolved on 07/08/08.