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Standing Committee on Legislation

Legislative Council

Title & summary Status
No inquiries
Report No Title Date tabled Related documents
26 An Overview of the Committee's Operations: Second Session of the Thirty-Sixth Parliament (August 2002 to November 2004)19 Nov 2004
25 Young Offenders Amendment Bill 200316 Nov 2004More...
24 State Administrative Tribunal Bill 2003 and the State Administrative Tribunal (Conferral of Jurisdiction) Amendment and Repeal Bill 200327 Oct 2004More...
23 Road Traffic Amendment (Dangerous Driving) Bill 200427 Oct 2004
22 Magistrates Court Bill 2003, Magistrates Court (Civil Proceedings) Bill 2003 and Courts Legislation Amendment and Repeal Bill 200328 Sep 2004
21 Corruption and Crime Commission Act 2003 and the Corruption and Crime Commission Amendment Bill 20039 Dec 2003More...
20 Statutes (Repeals and Minor Amendments) Bill 200110 Jun 2003
19 Environmental Protection Amendment Bill 200223 May 2003
18 Sentencing Legislation Amendment and Repeal Bill 2002 and the Sentence Administration Bill 200223 May 2003More...
17 An Overview of the Committee's Operations: First Session of the Thirty-Sixth Parliament May 1 to August 9 200222 Oct 2002
16 Taxation Administration Bill 2001, Taxation Administration (Consequential Provisions) (Taxing) Bill 2001 and Taxation Administration (Consequential Provisions) Bill 200116 Oct 2002More...
15 Criminal Investigation (Exceptional Powers) and Fortification Removal Bill 20019 May 2002More...
14 Offshore Minerals Bill 2001, Offshore Minerals (Registration Fees) Bill 2001 & Offshore Minerals (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2001 (21 Mar 2002)21 Mar 2002
13 Corporations (Consequential Amendments) Bill (No 3) 200120 Mar 2002
12 Corporations (Consequential Amendments) Bill (No 2) 200114 Mar 2002
11 Statutes (Repeals and Minor Amendments) Bill 200112 Mar 2002
10 Child Welfare Amendment Bill 200112 Mar 2002More...
9 Child Support (Adoption of Laws) Amendment Bill 200126 Feb 2002
8 Electoral Distribution Repeal Bill 2001 and Electoral Amendment Bill 200126 Nov 2001
7 Electronic Transactions Bill 20017 Nov 2001
Intergovernmental Agreements, Uniform Schemes and Uniform Laws: Amendments to Standing Orders 230(c) and (d)6 Nov 2001
6 Electoral Distribution Repeal Bill 2001 and the Electoral Amendment Bill 2001 - Proposal to Travel23 Oct 2001More...
5 Consumer Credit (Western Australian) Amendment Bill 200123 Oct 2001
4 Acts Amendment (Federal Courts and Tribunals) Bill 200123 Oct 2001
3 Road Traffic Amendment Bill 2001 and the Road Traffic Amendment (Vehicle Licensing) Bill 200113 Sep 2001
2 Co-operative Schemes (Administrative Actions) Bill 2001 and the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Western Australia) Amendment Bill 200128 Jun 2001
1 Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) Bill 2001, Corporations (Ancillary Provisions) Bill 2001, Corporations (Administrative Actions) Bill 2001, Corporations (Consequential Amendments) Bill 200119 Jun 2001
Purpose of undertakings

When the Committee finds an issue in delegated legislation, it may request an undertaking from the relevant local government or Minister to fix the issue (for example, by amending the delegated legislation).

A person or body giving an undertaking commits to do certain actions within a certain timeframe, for example to:

  • amend delegated legislation within a certain timeframe (usually 6 months) and not enforce it in the meantime;
  • provide a copy of the undertakings wherever the delegated legislation is publically available (such as at a local government office or on a website);
  • provide a copy of the minutes of the meeting at which the council of a local government resolved to provide an undertaking.

Giving an undertaking to a Parliamentary Committee is a serious matter. A failure to comply with an undertaking may be reported to the Legislative Council for further action.

Title & summary Status
No proceedings