2011/12 Agency Annual Report Hearings
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2011/12 Agency Annual Report Hearings

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Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

Department for Child Protection08 Oct 201211:00 AM
Department of Commerce (WorkSafe)02 Oct 201203:00 PM
Department of Education22 Oct 201202:30 PM
Department of Finance (Building Management and Works)12 Nov 201203:00 PM
Department of Health04 Oct 201209:30 AM
Department of Indigenous Affairs08 Oct 201209:30 AM
Department of Mines and Petroleum08 Oct 201203:00 PM
Department of Planning04 Oct 201201:00 PM
Department of Regional Development and Lands02 Oct 201201:00 PM
Department of Sport and Recreation11 Oct 201203:00 PM
Department of State Development08 Oct 201201:00 PM
Department of Treasury02 Oct 201209:30 AM
Public Transport Authority11 Oct 201201:00 PM
Water Corporation04 Oct 201203:00 PM
Western Australia Police11 Oct 201209:30 AM
02 Oct 201209:30 AMDepartment of Treasury
02 Oct 201201:00 PMDepartment of Regional Development and Lands
02 Oct 201203:00 PMDepartment of Commerce (WorkSafe)
04 Oct 201209:30 AMDepartment of Health
04 Oct 201201:00 PMDepartment of Planning
04 Oct 201203:00 PMWater Corporation
08 Oct 201209:30 AMDepartment of Indigenous Affairs
08 Oct 201211:00 AMDepartment for Child Protection
08 Oct 201201:00 PMDepartment of State Development
08 Oct 201203:00 PMDepartment of Mines and Petroleum
11 Oct 201209:30 AMWestern Australia Police
11 Oct 201201:00 PMPublic Transport Authority
11 Oct 201203:00 PMDepartment of Sport and Recreation
22 Oct 201202:30 PMDepartment of Education
12 Nov 201203:00 PMDepartment of Finance (Building Management and Works)

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