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Inquiry into the Production and Marketing of Foodstuffs

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:01 Jun 2005
Tabling date:31 Mar 2006
Deadline for submissions:05 Aug 2005
Deadline Comments:Enquiries with regard to submission confidentiality should be directed to the Principal Research Officer
Date Ended:30 Mar 2006
Committee:Economics and Industry Committee (2005 - 2008)
House:Legislative Assembly
Media Statements:No Media Statements released
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:The Economics and Industry Standing Committee review and report to the Assembly on -

(a) the market dominance of major food retail chains in Western Australia and their impact on all sections of the market, including production and wholesaling;

(b) the health and safety of imported foodstuffs, including fruit and vegetables and whether the standards applied in the country of origin are comparable with standards required in Australia;

(c) the labelling of foodstuffs and their origins to identify the location where produce is grown and packed;

(d) any other issue relevant to the production of fruit and vegetables and protection of food standards in Western Australia; and

(e) the role of, and mechanisms available to, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to restrict market dominance and tackle anti-competitive behaviour along with the effect of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cwlth) on production and marketing, and to recommend any changes that should be made to the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cwlth).

Submission Number Submitting person/organisation
No submissions
Related Documents/Response to Questions on Notice:
Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Assembly Committee Rooms, Level 1/11 Harvest Tce, West Perth

21 Sep 200509:45 AMChemCert WA Inc
21 Sep 200510:30 AMChamber of Commerce & Industry
12 Oct 200509:45 AMDepartment of Agriculture
12 Oct 200511:00 AMDepartment of Fisheries
19 Oct 200509:45 AMLegislative Assembly Committee Room, Parliament House, South EntranceDepartment of Health
09 Nov 200509:15 AMWA Independent Grocers Association
09 Nov 200510:00 AMWoolworths Ltd
09 Nov 200510:45 AMColesMyer Ltd
Related Transcripts of Evidence:
Evidence by.. Mr Peter Rutherford (ChemCert WA, Board Member), Mr Terrence O'Beirne (ChemCert WA, Executive Officer) on 21 Sep 2005
Evidence by.. Mr Trevor Lovelle (Industry Development Adviser, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia), Mr Iain Macgregor (Chairman, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Food Working Group), Mrs Elizabeth Frankish (Chair, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Food Industry Committee) on 21 Sep 2005
Evidence by.. Ms Nicole Fernandes (Food Integrity Manager, Department of Agriculture), Mr Stuart Clarke (Acting Executive Director, Food and Trade Development, Department of Agriculture), Mr Chistopher Sharpe (Chemical Adviser, Department of Agriculture) and Ms Valerie Kelly (Trade Policy Analyst, Department of Agriculture) on 12 Oct 2005
Evidence by.. Mr Peter Millington (Director, Fisheries Management Services, Department of Fisheries) and Mr Donald Nicholls (Department of Fisheries) on 12 Oct 2005
Evidence by.. Mr James Dodd (Director of Environmental Health, Department of Health) and Mr Lindsay Gillam (Acting Principal Food Scientist, Department of Health) on 19 Oct 2005
Evidence by.. Mr John Cummings (President, WA Independent Grocers Association) on 9 Nov 2005
Evidence by.. Mr Edward Moore (General Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Coles Myer Ltd), Mr Chris Mara (Adviser, Coles Myer Ltd) and Mr Geoff Rowden (Buyer, Coles Myer) on 9 Nov 2005
Evidence by.. Mr Stephen Bate (General Manager, Fresh Foods, Woolworths Ltd) on 9 Nov 2005

Members conducting inquiry

Members:Ms Jaye Amber Radisich MLA
Hon. Grant Allen Woodhams MLA
Mr Michael (Mick) Philip Murray MLA
Mr Anthony (Tony) James Simpson MLA
Hon. Dr Judith (Judy) Mary Edwards MLA
Co-opted Members:Hon. Paul Domenic Omodei MLA
Hon. Donald Terrence (Terry) Redman MLA
Staff Members:Dr Karen Hall, B Sc, Ph D. (Principal Research Officer)
Ms Jovita Hogan, BA (Hons). (Research Officer), Dr Karen Hall, BSc (Hons), PhD (Principal Research Officer)
Ms Jovita Hogan, BA (Hons). (Research Officer)