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Inquiry into the CCC being able to prosecute its own charges

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:21 Jul 2016
Tabling date:17 Nov 2016
Deadline for submissions:26 Aug 2016
Date Ended:17 Nov 2016
Committee:Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission (2013 - 2017)
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:The Committee will enquire into:

a) the operation of the State's prosecution system in relation to Corruption and Crime Commission matters subsequent to the Court of Appeal decision in the case of A v Maughan [2016] WASCA;

b) arrangements for the prosecution of offences associated with corrupt conduct and misconduct in other jurisdictions; and

c) any amendments required to the Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003 following the Court of Appeal decision in the case of A v Maughan [2016] WASCA.

Submission Number Submitting person/organisation
Mr Julian Grill, LLB, JP received on 25 Aug 2016
Hon. John McKechnie QC (Commissioner, Corruption and Crime Commission) received on 19 Sep 2016
Mr Roger Macknay QC received on 13 Sep 2016
Mr A J MacSporran QC (Chairperson, Crime and Corruption Commission QLD) received on 14 Sep 2016
Mr Joseph McGrath SC (Director of Public Prosecutions for Western Australia) received on 27 Sep 2016
Ms Michelle O'Brien (Assistant Commissioner, Police Integrity Commission NSW) received on 22 Sep 2016
Mr Michael Griffin AM (Integrity Commissioner, ACLEI) received on 16 Sep 2016
Hon Michael Mischin MLC, Attorney General received on 30 Sep 2016
Mr Robin Brett QC (IBAC Inspector VIC) received on 16 Sep 2016
Mr George Tilbury (President, WA Police Union) received on 16 Sep 2016
Mr Gavin Silbert QC (Acting Director of Public Prosecutions, Victoria) received on 6 Oct 2016
Hon Megan Latham (Commissioner, ICAC NSW) received on 5 Sep 2016
Mr Stephen Brown APM (Acting Commissioner of Police, WA Police) received on 4 Aug 2016
Ms Bernadine Tucker received on 8 Aug 2016
Sir David Carruthers KNZM (Chair, Independent Police Conduct Authority NZ) received on 26 Aug 2016
Hon Michael Murray AM, QC (Parliamentary Inspector of the CCC) received on 15 Sep 2016
Mr Mike Allen received on 8 Aug 2016
Mr David McKenzie received on 11 Aug 2016
Mr Noel Crichton-Browne received on 29 Aug 2016
Hon Wayne Martin AC (Chief Justice of WA, Supreme Court of WA) received on 8 Sep 2016
Hon Bruce Lander, QC (Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, SA) received on 31 Aug 2016
Hon David Levine AO, RFD, QC (ICAC Inspector NSW) received on 13 Sep 2016
Mr Stephen O'Bryan QC (Commissioner, IBAC VIC) received on 6 Sep 2016
Ms Genevieve Cleary (President, Criminal Lawyers' Association WA) received on 13 Sep 2016
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