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Fire and Emergency Services Legislation

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:26 Aug 2004
Date Ended:23 Jan 2005
Committee:Community Development and Justice Committee (2001 - 2005)
House:Legislative Assembly
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:The Legislative Assembly was dissolved by the Governor on Sunday, 23 January 2005, as a necessary precursor to the State Election announced for Saturday, 26 February 2005. As a consequence, all committees of the Legislative Assembly were terminated by this dissolution, and all inquiries ceased effective from the dissolution date. Outstanding committee inquiries may be continued when committees are re-established in the new Parliament following the election.

That the Committee examine, report and make recommendations on fire and emergency services legislation in Western Australia, benchmarked against other Australian states, with particular reference to:

1. The means by which legislation puts in place effective and efficient measures to prevent, prepare for, respond to and ensure recovery from fire and emergencies;
2. The means by which legislation puts in place appropriate risk management strategies on all land owned/managed by local governments or by State government departments or agencies;
3. The effectiveness of incident command and control systems in fire and emergency services including interoperability in multi agency incidents;
4. The means by which State legislation establishes regulatory responsibility for ensuring appropriate prevention, preparedness and response measures are established;
5. The means by which legislation provides an appropriate balance between centralised control and community centred emergency management; and
6. Any major issues that emerge that the Committee consider should be included within the inquiry.

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