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Consumer Credit (Western Australia) Act 1996: Consumer Credit (Firefighter's Benefit Fund) Amendment Regulation (No 1) 2005 (Qld)

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:06 May 2005
Tabling date:17 Aug 2005
Date Ended:17 Aug 2005
Committee:Uniform Legislation and General Purposes Committee (2002 - 2005)
House:Legislative Council
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:On May 6 2005, a copy of the Consumer Credit (Firefighter's Benefit Fund) Amendment Regulation (No 1) 2005 (Qld) made under the Consumer Credit (Queensland) Act 1994(Qld) was referred to the Committee pursuant to section 6B of the Consumer Credit (Western Australia) Act 1996.

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Tabling Comments:This Committee ceased to exist on August 17 2005 and a new Committee the Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review was formed on the same date. On August 24 2005 the new Committee resolved to continue this inquiry - see link below.
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