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Water Services Inquiry

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:11 Jun 2003
Deadline for submissions:24 Sep 2003
Date Ended:23 Jan 2005
Committee:Public Administration and Finance Committee (2001 - 2005)
House:Legislative Council
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:On Sunday, January 23 2005 the Parliament of Western Australia was prorogued. This had the effect of terminating all the current business of Parliament. This means that the sittings of Parliament cease and the Legislative Council's referral of this inquiry to the Committee falls away. The Committee's inquiry into this matter ceased.

On Wednesday, June 11 2003 the Legislative Council referred an inquiry into water services in Western Australia to the Standing Commitee on Public Administration and Finance, and the terms of reference for the inquiry, in accordance with the Legislative Council's referral, are as follows:

That the Public Administration and Finance Committee inquire into and report on the issues confronting Western Australia that arise from, or relate to, the present and future sustainable supply, quality, retention, and maintenance of water services throughout the State.

On March 12 2004, the Subcommittee agreed that the main focus of the inquiry would be:
    • the quantity, quality and location of water resources currently available in Western Australia;
    • possibilities for future sources of water;
    • the quantity, quality and location of current and potential future demand for water; and
    • the most cost-efficient way to meet current and potential future demand for water.

Submission Number Submitting person/organisation
No submissions
Related Documents/Response to Questions on Notice:
Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

05 May 200407:30 PMSelect Committee Room, Parliament House, PerthWater CorporationDr Jim Gill and Garry Meinck
12 May 200407:00 PMParliamentary Services Conference Room, Parliament HouseWaters & Rivers CommissionDr Don McFarlane and Rod Banyard
21 Jun 200401:45 PMLegislative Council Committee Office, 1110 Hay Street, West PerthCSIRO Waters & Rivers CommissionMr Tom Hatton Dr Don McFarlane and Ian Loh
30 Jun 200406:45 PMLegislative Assembly Committee Room, Parliament HouseWeather Modification, IncMr Patrick Sweeney, President, Weather Modification Inc Dr Roelof Bruintjes, National Centre for Atmospheric Research
22 Jul 200410:00 AMMercure Hotel, KununurraWater CorporationTony Chafer
22 Jul 200410:30 AMMercure Hotel, KununurraOrd Irrigation Co-operativeAndrew Kelly, CEO Lindsay Innes, Director
22 Jul 200411:00 AMMercure Hotel, KununurraShire of Wyndham & East KimberleyChris Adams, CEO
22 Jul 200412:00 PMMercure Hotel, KununurraMiriuwung & Gajerrong PeopleMr Robert Hannon Executive Coordinator
22 Jul 200401:15 PMMercure Hotel, KununurraOrd River District CoopJim Hughes, Managing Director (Mr Hughes is also representing Chamber of Commerce)
22 Jul 200402:00 PMMercure Hotel, KununurraAboriginal Social and Economic Impact Assessment Ctee Subctee of a steering cteeDes Hill & Edna O’Malley
22 Jul 200402:30 PMMercure Hotel, KununurraPrivate citizenKeith Wright
29 Jul 200409:30 AMSanctuary Golf ResortWater and Rivers Commission/Dept of Environment, Bunbury Dr Fionnuala Hannon, Program Manager, Environment Water and Management Section Catherine Harrison, Manager of the Water Allocation Branch Philip Commander, Senior Hydro Geologist, Water & Hydrology Branch
29 Jul 200410:30 AMSanctuary Golf ResortHarvey WaterMr Geoff Calder, General Manager
29 Jul 200411:00 AMSanctuary Golf ResortWA Fruit Growers AssocChris Scott, Water Spokesperson Mr Robert McFerran, Executive Manager
29 Jul 200411:30 AMSanctuary Golf ResortWater Users CoalitionMr David Wren
29 Jul 200401:15 PMSanctuary Golf ResortPrivate consultant - agriculture, irrigation & drainageMr Roger Doyle, engineer
29 Jul 200401:45 PMSanctuary Golf ResortShire of Busselton, Local Government SW Subcommittee on the YarragadeeMs Helen Shervington, Shire of Busselton
27 Sep 200402:30 PMBroadwater KalgoorlieKalgoorlie Chamber of CommerceMr Hugh Gallagher, EO
27 Sep 200402:45 PMBroadwater KalgoorlieCity of Kalgoorlie-BoulderMr Ron Yuryevich, Mayor
27 Sep 200403:30 PMBroadwater KalgoorlieUnited Utilities Australia for the Esperance Goldfields Water Project Mr Phil Endley, Project Manager, Stan Boath, PR Manager
Site Visits and Travel Details:Hearings were held at the Mercure Hotel, Kununurra on Thursday July 22, 2004.

Site visits:
The Subcommittee visited Ivanhoe Crossing, Ord River Irrigation Area, part of the proposed irrigation area (Ord River Stage II) and Lake Kununurra on July 21 2004.

In the afternoon of July 22 2004 the Subcommittee conducted a site visit to Lake Argyle, visiting the hydro power plant and spillway.

Hearings were held at the Sanctuary Golf Resort, Bunbury on Thursday, July 29 2004.

Hearings were held at the Broadwater, Kalgoorlie on Monday, September 27 2004.
Related Transcripts of Evidence:
Evidence by.. Dr Jim Gill (Managing Director, Water Corporation), Mr Garry Meinck (General Manager, Planning and Development, Water Corporation) on 5 May 2004
Evidence by.. Dr Don McFarlane (Director, Resource Management, Water and Rivers Commission), Mr Roderic Banyard (Manager, Strategic Development and Planning, Water and Rivers Commission) on 12 May 2004
Evidence by.. Dr Don McFarlane (Director, Resource Management, Department of Environment), Mr Ian Loh (Strategy Manager, Strategic Development & Planning, Resource Management Division, Department of Environment) on 21 Jun 2004
Evidence by.. Dr Thomas Hatton (Deputy Chief, CSIRO Land and Water), Dr Bryson Bates (Director, CSIRO Climate Program), Dr Simon Toze (Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Land and Water) on 21 Jun 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Ross Marshall (Director, Investment Facilitation Division, Department of Industry and Resources), Mr David Meehan (Project Manager, Department of Industry and Resources) on 28 Jun 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Patrick Sweeney (President, Weather Modification Inc), Dr Roelof Bruintjes (Scientist, Principal Investigator, Rainfall Enhancement Programs, National Center for Atmospheric Research) on 30 Jun 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Desmond Hill (Member, Steering Committee, Aboriginal Social & Economic Impact Assessment Committee) on 22 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Jim Hughes (Chief Executive Officer, Ord River District Cooperative Ltd) on 22 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Keith Wright (Private Citizen) on 22 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Tony Chafer (Area Manager - East Kimberley, Water Corporation) on 22 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Christopher Adams (Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Wyndham-East Kimberley) on 22 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Andrew Kelly (Chief Executive Officer, Ord Irrigation Co-operative), Mr Lindsay Innes (Farmer and Vice Chairman, Ord Irrigation Co-operative) on 22 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Geoff Calder (General Manager, Harvey Water) on 29 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Ms Helen Shervington (Member, Southern Yarragadee Committee) on 29 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Chris Scott (Water Spokesperson, Western Australian Fruit Growers' Association), Mr Robert McFerran (Executive Manager, Western Australian Fruit Growers' Association) on 29 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Mr David Wren (Water Rights Spokesperson, Pastoralists & Graziers Association, & Secretary, Western Australian Water Users Coalition), Mr Eric Phillips (Committee Member, Western Australian Water Users Coalition) on 29 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Roger Doyle (Irrigation and Drainage Consultant, Audax Enterprises Pty Ltd) on 29 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Dr Fionnuala Hannon (Program Manager, Department of Environment, Bunbury), Ms Catherine Harrison (Manager, Water Allocation Branch, Department of Environment, East Perth), Mr David Philip Commander (Principal Hydrogeologist, Department of Environment, East Perth) on 29 Jul 2004
Evidence by.. Professor Jorg Imberger (Chair and Vice Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow, Centre for Water Research, University of Western Australia) on 16 Aug 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Des Pearson (Auditor General, Office of the Auditor General), Mr Glen Clarke (Executive Director, Compliance and Information Service, Office of the Auditor General) on 23 Aug 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Des Pearson (Auditor General, Office of the Auditor General), Mr Glen Clarke (Executive Director, Compliance and Information Service, Office of the Auditor General) on 23 Aug 2004
Evidence by.. Ms Susan Worley (Regional Manager, North West Region - Pilbara and Kimberley, Department of Environment) on 22 Sep 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Ron Yuryevich (Mayor, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder) on 27 Sep 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Stanley Boath (Public Relations Manager, United Utilities Australia), Mr Philip Endley (Project Manager, United Utilities Australia) on 27 Sep 2004
Evidence by.. Mr Hugh Gallagher (Chief Executive Officer, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Chamber of Commerce and Industry) on 27 Sep 2004
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Report No Title Date tabled Related documents
8 Water Services in Western Australia11 Nov 2004

Members conducting inquiry

Members:Hon. Barry John House MLC
Hon. John Duncombe Fischer MLC
Hon. Diane (Dee) Elizabeth Margetts MLC
Hon. Kenneth (Ken) Dunstan Elder Travers MLC
Hon. Suzanne (Sue) Mary Ellery MLC
Hon. Murray John Criddle MLC
Hon. Edmund (Ed) Rupert Joseph Dermer MLC
Participating Members:A problem has occured
Membership Comments:The Committee appointed Hon Barry House MLC (Convenor), Hon Ken Travers MLC, Hon John Fischer MLC and Hon Dee Margetts MLC as a Sub Committee to look at this referral.
Staff Members:Ms Jan Paniperis, BA (Committee Clerk)
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