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Committee Name:

Procedure and Privileges Committee (2001 - 2005)


Legislative Assembly
Report Type:Report


Report on outstanding issues to be considered by the House
No of Pages:26
Physical Location:State Law Publisher - Perth Western Australia

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The Procedure and Privileges Committee reviewed those outstanding issues still requiring debate and adoption by the Legislative Assembly prior to it rising at the end of this year.

Portfolio Based Standing Committee System

It is important that the House adopts the standing orders for the Standing Committee System as it is essential these be in place prior to the start of the new Parliament in 2001 if a smooth transition to the new standing committee system is to be achieved.

Address in Reply

As the Address in Reply is the first business considered by the House, it is also important that the standing orders giving priority to the Address in Reply for the first seven sitting days after an election and first four sitting days at the beginning of a new session of Parliament be in place prior to the next opening of Parliament.

Pecuniary Interests

Similarly it would be helpful to members if the proposed changes to the pecuniary interest standing orders are in place at the commencement of the next Parliament.

Joint Standing Committee on Delegated and Uniform Legislation

The House has already agreed to standing orders which, subject to the Legislative Council’s agreement to adopt similar standing orders, will amalgamate the Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation and the Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Inter-governmental Agreements into one joint standing committee. A request needs to be sent to the Legislative Council accordingly.

Estimates Committees

It is also proposed the Estimates Committees Standing Orders be adopted. These were originally proposed as part of the trial Standing Orders but, as they would not have been trialed during the trial period for new standing orders, they were deleted. Your Committee also reviewed the Public Accounts Committee’s recommendations in its report on the budget estimates process and made the following findings that –
the current Estimates Committees system should be retained; and
the process will be further enhanced because portfolio based standing committees will have the ability to conduct additional or supplementary hearings related to the estimates at any time.