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Comments Made by the Member for Cannington

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:23 Sep 2010
Tabling date:19 Oct 2010
Date Ended:19 Oct 2010
Committee:Procedure and Privileges Committee (2008 - 2013)
House:Legislative Assembly
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:That this House refers the comments made by the Member for Cannington in this House on 16 September 2010 that —

The Member for Wanneroo can explain himself, and other members can explain why they have had their names expunged from the Corruption and Crime Commission’s records

to the Procedure and Privileges Committee to:

(1) advise the House whether or not such comments amount to a breach of parliamentary privilege or otherwise unparliamentary conduct; and

(2) report to the Assembly at the earliest possible opportunity, but no later than 21 October 2010.

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