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Select Committee on the Western Australian Police Service

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:23 Nov 93
Date Ended:28 Nov 96
Committee:Select Committee on the Western Australian Police Service
House:Legislative Council
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:That a Select Committee of five members, any three of whom shall constitute a quorum, be appointed to make full and careful inquiry into and report on the Western Australian Police Service and its operation and administration and in particular, but without limiting the generality of the inquiry to inquire into and report upon -
(1)What should be the relationship between Government, Parliament and the Police Service to ensure -

(a)independence in operational matters;
(b)governmental input into and ministerial responsibility for policy matters;
(c)proper accountability to Parliament, in particular, through Parliamentary questions;
(d)some form of operational supervision and check, free of political input,

and whether the appointment of a Board, the defining of the powers of the Minister of Police, a Standing Committee of the Parliament or some or all of these or other measures may address the matter.

(2)Whether any political interference in the Police Service at any level has occurred affecting any commissioned or other officer currently a member of the service or who has in the last 5 years, retired from the service.

(3)Whether the self regulatory role of the Internal Affairs Unit within the Police Service is effective or desirable in the public interest and if not, what method of detecting, punishing and preventing corruption within the Police Service should be implemented.

(4)Whether any incidences exist of unlawful, improper or unauthorised use of listening devices, visual surveillance devices, tracking devices or telephone interception by members of the Police Service and further report on the adequacy of the protocols observed in the installation, use and retrieval of such devices and the collection, dissemination use and storage of material gained from the installation or use of such devices.

(5)Whether the funding provided to the Internal Affairs Unit has been expended in the lawful execution of the units responsibility and further determine the amount of funds expended on the acquisition of equipment used or able to be used as a listening device, visual surveillance device, tracking device or equipment associated with telephone interception and the likelihood of breaches of individuals privacy consequent on the unlawful, improper or unauthorised use of such equipment.

(6)Whether the police have appropriate methods for dealing with young people.

(7)To consider the appropriateness of police recruitment training and promotional procedures and structures.

(8)Any further matter relating to the Police Service arising from the inquiry.

(9)The Committee have power to send for persons, papers and records and to travel from place to place.

(10)The Committee report to the House not later than April 12 1995, and if the House do then stand adjourned the committee do deliver its report to the President who shall cause the same to be printed by authority of this order.

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