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Committee Name:

Legislation Committee (1989 - 2001)


Legislative Council
Report Type:Report


Criminal Law Amendment Bill (No 1) 1998
Report No:42
No of Pages:20 (plus Minority Report and References)
Physical Location:Legislative Council Committee Office

Presentation Date:


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Hide details for Executive SummaryExecutive Summary
        The Criminal Law Amendment Bill (No 1) 1998 (“Bill”) introduces a number of amendments to the Criminal Code and the Sentencing Act 1995.
        The amendments made by the Bill seek to:
        amend section 236 of the Criminal Code ("Code") dealing with the taking of forensic samples;
        amend Chapter XXXIIIB of the Code relating to the offence of stalking ; and
        amend the Sentencing Act 1995 in relation to whole of life sentences.

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