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Developer Contributions for Infrastructure Costs Associated with Land Development

Submission Number Submitting person/organisation
No submissions
Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Assembly Committee Rooms, Level 1/11 Harvest Tce, West Perth

10 Mar 200409:45 AMFaculty of Economics and Commerce, UWADr Paul McLeod
10 Mar 200410:30 AMLandcorpMr John Clifton, Mr Bruce Low, Mr Frank Marra
10 Mar 200411:30 AMDepartment of Planning and InfrastructureMr Ray Stokes
22 Mar 200409:30 AMEsplanade Hotel, AlbanyShire of Denmark, Shire of Cranbrook, Shire of Plantagenet, Shire of JerramungupMr Peter Duncan, Mr Graham Stanley, Nr Nicholas Burges, Mr Peter Drage, Mr Rob Stewart, Mr Kevin Forbes, Mr Darren Long, Ms Glenys Garnett
22 Mar 200411:15 AMEsplanade Hotel, AlbanyCity of AlbanyMr Robert Fenn
22 Mar 200411:45 AMEsplanade Hotel, AlbanyRC DevelopmentsMr Graeme Robertson
22 Mar 200412:45 PMEsplanade Hotel, AlbanyArdross EstatesMr David Lantzke
22 Mar 200402:15 PMEsplanade Hotel, AlbanyGreat Southern Development CommissionMr Maynard Rye
31 Mar 200409:15 AMCatholic Education Office of WAMr Ron Dullard, Mr Geoff Hendricks, Mr Terry Merefield
31 Mar 200410:15 AMDepartment of Education and TrainingMr Richard Bloor, Mr John Moore, Mr John Nicholas, Mr Brian Handcock
31 Mar 200411:00 AMAustraland Holdings Pty LtdMr Chris Lewis, Mr Justin Crookes
05 Apr 200409:00 AMLWP Property GroupDr Russell Perry, Mr Danny Murphy
05 Apr 200409:30 AMWater CorporationDr Jim Gill, Mr Gary Meinck, Mr Roger Bulstrode Mr Peter Verschuer
05 Apr 200411:00 AMCity of Gosnells, City of SwanMr Stuart Jardine, Mr Eric Lumsden, Mr Cliff Frewing
05 Apr 200401:00 PMWestern Australian Local Government AssociationCr Clive Robartson OAM, Ms Allison Hailes, Mr Giuseppe Ripepi, Mr Mark Thornber
05 Apr 200402:00 PMHousing Industry AssociationMs Sheryl Chaffer, Mr Wayne Gersbach
05 Apr 200403:00 PMProperty Council of Australia (WA Division), Mirvac Fini, Stockland Mr Geoffrey Cooper, Mr Dean Mudford, Mr Evan Campbell
07 Apr 200409:45 AMAqwest Bunbury Water BoardMr Geoffrey Oddy
07 Apr 200410:30 AMEast Perth Redevelopment AuthorityMr Anthony Morgan, Mr Mark Hedges
07 Apr 200411:15 AMDepartment of Housing and WorksMr Greg Joyce, Mr Richard Elliot, Mr Glen Finlay
05 May 200409:15 AMMain Roads WAMr Gary Norwell, Executive Director, Technology & Environment; Mr Lindsay Broadhurst, Route Development Manager
05 May 200410:00 AMPublic Transport AuthorityMr Laurie Piggott, Manager, Planning and Property
05 May 200410:30 AMWestern PowerMr Ken Bowran, General Manager, Networks; Mr Peter Mattner, Pricing and Regulation Manager
27 May 200409:30 AMBroome Shire Council Office, cnr Haas Street and Weld Street, BroomeBroome Shire Council, Shire of Derby - West KimberleyMr Tom Vinnicombe, President, Broome Shire Council; Mr Ian Bodill, Chief Executive Officer, Broome Shire Council; Mr Allan Ralph, Manager, Engineering Services, Broome Shire Council; Ms Elsia Archer, President, Shire of Derby - West Kimberley; Mr Jonathan Throssell, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Derby - West Kimberley
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