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High Speed Car Chases

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:28 Sep 95
Date Ended:06 Aug 99
Committee:Constitutional Affairs Committee (1989 - 2001)
House:Legislative Council
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:Petitions tabled in the Legislative Council were referred to the Standing Committee on Constitutional Affairs under its terms of reference. The following petition was referred to the Committee on September 28 1995:

"Opposing the continued use of high speed police car chases which:
- have resulted in the loss of at least 10 lives since January 1991;
- have resulted in numerous serious injuries to police officers and other citizens; and
- cause unnecessary damage to public and private property."

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Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

07 May 1997Legislative Council Committee Office, 1110 Hay Street, West PerthMember of the PublicMs Jolin Trevelyan
Tabling Comments:Due to the prorogation of Parliament on August 6 1999 the Committee was unable to conduct further inquiries and report to Parliament.
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Evidence by.. Ms Jolin Trevelyan on 7 May 1997
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