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Taxation Administration Bill 2001, Taxation Administration (Consequential Provisions) (Taxing) Bill 2001 and Taxation Administration (Consequential Provisions) Bill 2001

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:17 Apr 2002
Tabling date:16 Oct 2002
Date Ended:16 Oct 2002
Committee:Legislation Committee (2001 - 2005)
House:Legislative Council
Media Statements:No Media Statements released
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:The Bills were referred to the Committee on April 17 2002 for inquiry:

Bill88-1.pdfBill 79-2.pdfBill87-2.pdf
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Related Documents/Response to Questions on Notice:
Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

15 May 200210:00 AMLegislative Council Committee Office Ground Floor 1110 Hay Street West Perth WA 6005
Tabling Comments:The Legislative Council passed a resolution on June 18 2002 to extend the reporting date from June 27 2002 to August 22 2002. Prior to continuing its inquiry and reporting to the Legislative Council, the Bills (and the referral to the Committee) lapsed on prorogation of Parliament on August 9 2002. The Bills were reinstated to the Notice Paper on August 14 2002 and referred to the Committee, with a reporting date of October 24 2002.
Related Transcripts of Evidence:
Evidence by.. Mr Robert Kenneth O'Connor QC on 15 May 2002
Evidence by.. Mr Peter Moltoni (Partner, Horwath Perth) on 15 May 2002
Evidence by.. Mr Charles Crouch (Executive Officer, Economic Affairs, Chamber of Minerals and Energy), Mr Jack Lauren (Senior Manager, Indirect Taxes, KPMG) on 15 May 2002
Evidence by.. Ms Clare Thompson (President, Law Society of Western Australia), Mr John Pickering (Taxation Committee Member, Law Society of Western Australia) on 15 May 2002
Evidence by.. Mr William Sullivan (Commissioner of State Revenue, Office of State Revenue), Mr Rod Richardson (Assistant Commissioner, Compliance, Office of State Revenue), Ms Nicki Suchenia (Acting Assistant Commissioner, Policy and Legislation, Office of State Revenue) on 15 May 2002
Evidence by.. Ms Fiona Halsey (Chairperson, Technical Committee, Taxation Institute of Australia), Mr Graeme Cotterill (State Councillor, Taxation Institute of Australia) on 15 May 2002
Evidence by.. Mr Konrad deKerloy on 15 May 2002