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Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Intergovernmental Agreements


Legislative Assembly
Report Type:Report


Committee Report of Activities November 96 to October 99
No of Pages:81
Physical Location:State Law Publisher

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This is the fourth Annual Report of the Standing Committee on Uniform Legislation and Intergovernmental Agreements.

The Terms of Reference of the Standing Committee allow the Committee to inquire into, consider and report to the Legislative Assembly on matters relating to proposed or current intergovernmental agreements and uniform legislative schemes.

The Standing Committee was re-established on 18 March 1997 by the Legislative Assembly. The new Committee has been very busy and has investigated matters referred to it as well as initiating a number of inquiries. The Committee has tabled a number of reports on various subject matters. These range from changes to harmonise substantive law including the law of evidence as well as the co-operatives law, to facilitate bank mergers and reforms to the financial system. The Committee has also tabled reports dealing with the subject of uniform legislation, with Ministerial Councils and with the impact of the implementation of National Competition Policy.

The Standing Committee’s work has been recognised in a number of forums and the Committee has been invited to participate in a number of conferences and seminars. The work of the Committee has also led to a number of overseas and interstate parliamentary delegations meeting with the Committee to discuss matters of mutual interest.

A parliamentary delegation from the German Upper House met with the Committee in Perth to discuss the ongoing work of the Committee. The Committee has also been invited to participate in interparliamentary forums dealing with uniform legislation and treaty making and the role of the States.

I want to express my sincere thanks to all my fellow Committee members for their support and contribution to the Committee’s work during this period. In particular, I would like to thank the Committee’s staff for their professional work and responsible attitude which has allowed the Standing Committee to produce consistently high quality reports resulting in the Standing Committee receiving national and international recognition for its work. Melina Newnan, the Legal/Research Officer, has provided the Committee with considerable expertise and is an efficient and dedicated officer. Peter Frantom the Clerk to the Committee I wish to especially thank for his expert procedural advice and efficient administrative skills. The Committee also wishes to thank Pat Roach, Secretary/Committees, for her assistance in producing the Committee’s reports.

I commend the report to House.