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Select Committee on Advocacy for Children (Appointment of a Commissioner for Children)

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:11 Jun 2003
Tabling date:02 Jul 2004
Deadline for submissions:01 Sep 2003
Deadline Comments:It was agreed to allow people as much time as was needed to get their submissions to the Committee.
Date Ended:02 Jul 2004
Committee:Select Committee on Advocacy for Children (Appointment of a Commissioner for Children)
House:Legislative Council
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:That a select committee of three members be appointed to inquire into and report on -

(1) The appointment of a commissioner for children or the establishment of an independent office for children as the most appropriate means of establishing an advocate for children to enable better government for children and to ensure government and Parliament are aware of the needs of children.
(2) The responsibilities and duties of such a commission or office. This investigation should include but need not be limited to an examination of -
Developing an appropriate advocate for children in the heart of government;
Legislative and policy impact statements for children;
An advocacy function for children;
Coordination across government agencies affecting children;
Ensuring that child participation is basic to the functioning of the commission/office and to the development of public policy;
Developing and benchmarking a strategy for children;
Investigating complaints and reporting on maladministration of government;
The physical and mental health of children, including the importance of sport and play in child development and litigious and industrial issues restricting these, the role of television, videos and computers, time spent in childcare, immunisation rates, services for disabled children;
Research relevant to children and its relevance to the development of public policy;
The impact of the justice system on children;
The transport system and its relevance to children’s needs;
The staffing and budget for this commission/office;
Any other matters that impact on the good growth and development of young children; and
The impacts of government and industry policy on the wellbeing of children.
(3) The committee has power to send for persons, papers and records and to travel from place to place.
(4) The committee report to the House not later than 30 June 2004 and if the House do then stand adjourned, the committee to deliver its report to the President, who shall cause the same to be printed by authority of this order.

Submission Number Submitting person/organisation
No submissions
Related Documents/Response to Questions on Notice:
Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

20 Oct 200302:30 PMNgalaMs Raelene Walter
20 Oct 200303:00 PMMeerilingaMr Bruno Camarri; Ms Sue Burton; Ms Patricia O'Sullivan
10 Nov 200302:30 PMPrivate personMs Patricia Powell
10 Nov 200303:00 PMThe National Investment for Young Children: WA BranchDr Trevor Parry
17 Nov 200302:30 PMAboriginal Legal ServiceMr Dennis Eggington; and Ms Tonia Brajcich
17 Nov 200303:00 PMMoira Rayner & AssociatesMs Moira Rayner
01 Dec 200301:00 PMDepartment of Community DevelopmentMs Jane Brazier, Director General; and Dr David Vickary, Director, Children and Youth Services
05 Apr 200403:15 PMSolicitors, Legal AidSarah Dewsbury and Leah Young
Related Transcripts of Evidence:
Evidence by.. Burton, Mrs Susan (Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation), O'Sullivan, Mrs Patricia (Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation), Camarri, Mr Bruno (Meerilinga Young Children’s Foundation) on 20 Oct 2003
Evidence by.. Walter, Mrs Raelene Anita (Executive Director, Ngala Family Resource Centre) on 20 Oct 2003
Evidence by.. Powell, Ms Patricia (Electorate Officer, Hon Murray Criddle, MLC) on 10 Nov 2003
Evidence by.. Parry, Associate Professor Trevor Stewart (Director, State Child Development Centre; and Chairman, NIFTEY WA) on 10 Nov 2003
Evidence by.. Rayner, Ms Moira Emilie (Barrister, Wickham Chambers) on 17 Nov 2003
Evidence by.. Carlisle, Miss Katrina (Manager, Court Officer Unit, Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia), Brajcich, Ms Tonia (Manager, Legal Services, Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia), Koch, Ms Terina (Solicitor, Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia) on 17 Nov 2003
Evidence by.. Brazier, Ms Jane (Director General, Department for Community Development), Vicary, Dr David (Executive Director, Office for Children and Youth) on 1 Dec 2003