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Inquiry into the Department of Health's response to the challenges associated with the commissioning of Fiona Stanley Hospital

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:17 Oct 2013
Tabling date:10 Apr 2014
Date Ended:10 Apr 2014
Committee:Education and Health Standing Committee (2013 - 2017)
House:Legislative Assembly
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:That the Education and Health Standing Committee review and report on the organisational response within the Department of Health to the challenges associated with commissioning the Fiona Stanley Hospital. In particular, the Committee will examine:

1) the arrangements made by the Department to plan for and manage the transition to and commissioning of the new facility;
2) the oversight and governance of the project, particularly with respect to the communication of important information about progress with the commissioning of the hospital within the Department and to external stakeholders and the Executive; and
3) any implications for the commissioning of the Midland Health Campus and the Perth Children's Hospital.

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Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the Legislative Assembly Committee Rooms, Level 1/11 Harvest Tce, West Perth
04 Nov 201302:15 PMLegislative Assembly Committee Office - Room TwoMr Kim Snowball
13 Feb 201401:00 PMLegislative Assembly Committee Office - Room TwoMr Tim Marney (Department of Treasury)
Related Transcripts of Evidence:
Evidence by.. Mr Kim Snowball (Director, Healthfix Consulting) on 4 Nov 2013
Evidence by.. Mr Timothy Marney (Under Treasurer, Department of Treasury) and Mr Alistair Jones (Acting Executive Director, Strategic Policy and Evaluation, Department of Treasury) on 13 Feb 2014