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Petition Objecting to the Proposal to Establish a Sewage Pumping Station at Heseltine Park, Glenleigh Road, Busselton

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:15 May 2002
Date Ended:17 Dec 2002
Committee:Environment and Public Affairs Committee (2001 - 2005)
House:Legislative Council
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:Petitions tabled in the Legislative Council are referred to the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs. The following petition was referred to the Committee on December 18 2001:

"We the undersigned residents of Western Australia, object to the proposal by the Water Corporation to establish a Sewerage Pumping Station on Heseltine Park in Glenleigh Road, Busselton on the following grounds;

    • the site is inappropriate for such a facility,
    • the adverse impact on adjoining and nearby residents,
    • the park was originally established by the residents of Glenleigh Road and Blue Crescent and is currently maintained by them in conjunction with the Shire of Busselton,
    • the park offers a unique natural environment and public open space which is enjoyed by many residents and visitors and forms an integral part of the neighbourhood,
    • inadequacy of the process followed by the Water Corporation in the selection of the site, notification of interested stakeholders and consultation with the community.
We respectfully request the Legislative Council to reject this proposal and support the location of the sewerage pumping station at a more appropriate location in Busselton."

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Members conducting inquiry

Members:Hon. Dr Christine (Chrissy) Sharp MLC
Hon. Catherine (Kate) Esther Doust MLC
Hon. Bruce Kirwan Donaldson MLC
Hon. Francis (Frank) Carson Hough MLC
Hon. Robyn Mary McSweeney MLC
Hon. Louise Clare Pratt MLC
Hon. James (Jim) Alan Scott MLC
Membership Comments:The Petition Sub-Committee (Hon Chrissy Sharp MLC, Hon Frank Hough, Hon Robyn McSweeney MLC, and Hon Louise Pratt MLC) of the Environment and Public Affairs Committee made preliminary inquiries on this petition and reported to the main committee.
Staff Members:Mr Mark Warner (Committee Clerk)
Mr Rhys Brown, BSc (Hons) (Research Officer)