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Report Details

Committee Name:

Environment and Public Affairs Committee


Legislative Council
Report Type:Report


Overview of Petitions Report
Report No:14
No of Pages:59
Physical Location:Legislative Council Committee Office

Presentation Date:


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Executive Summary

1.This report provides an overview of the petitions considered by the Legislative Council Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs (Committee) from 30 November 2007 to 30 June 2008. This report is the seventh Overview of Petitions Report to be tabled by the Committee. While the report covers the Committee’s activities in the Thirty-Seventh Parliament, it is now being tabled in the first session of the Thirty-Eighth Parliament.

2.The report provides a summary of, and comment on, the Committee’s inquiries into petitions that deal with a wide range of issues relating to the environment, planning, the community/social, transport, industrial relations and health.

3.While petitions represent just one of the Committee’s functions, as outlined in its terms of reference, the Committee’s inquiries into petitions assume a considerable part of its workload.

4.The Committee noted that for some petitions the community’s expectations of outcomes from the petitions process are often much higher than what the Committee may be able to deliver.

5.The Committee understands, however, that its inquiries into petitions increase transparency, and thus the scrutiny of, and accountability for various decisions across both State and local governments.

6.In many cases where the Committee finalises a petition there has been some resolution of the matters or issues raised and often the Committee’s influence on the process may not be overly apparent.