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Evidence Details

Committee Name:Public Administration Committee
House:Legislative Council
Date Evidence Given:18 Jun 2014
Witness:Mr Colin Slattery, Director General, Department of Lands; Mr Tony Richman, Manager, Strategic Policy, Department of Lands; Ms Sandra Eckert, General Counsel, Department of Lands; Dr Rob Edward, Project Officer, Department of Lands; Mr Anthony DeBarro, Executive Director, Department of Lands
No of Pages:12
Related Report(s):Report No 21 - Inquiry into Recreational Hunting Systems - Extension of Time (20 Nov 2014)
Report No 23 - Report on Recreational Hunting Systems (10 Mar 2015)
Report No 24 - Inquiry into Recreational Hunting Systems - Erratum (25 Mar 2015)
Inquiry Name:Inquiry into the potential environmental contribution of recreational hunting systems
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