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    Assembly sit 14/02/2023
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    Council sit 14/02/2023

Joint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission

Joint ()

Title & summary Status
No inquiries
Report No Title Date tabled Related documents
32 How the Corruption and Crime Commission Handles Allegations and Notifications of Police Misconduct15 Nov 2012
31 Surveillance and Accountability: A Gap in the Oversight Umbrella?8 Nov 2012
30 Annual Report 2011-201227 Sep 2012
29 Guarding the guardians16 Aug 2012
28 Proceeds of crime and unexplained wealth: A role for the Corruption and Crime Commission?28 Jun 2012
27 Discontinuance of contempt proceedings against members of the Coffin Cheaters Motorcyle Club14 Jun 2012
26 Revocation of Exceptional Powers29 Mar 2012
25 The use of Public Examinations by the Corruption and Crime Commission27 Mar 2012More...
24 The intention of the Parliamentary Inspector of the Corruption and Crime Commission to retire21 Mar 2012
23 The post-CHOGM technological capability of the WA Police1 Mar 2012
22 The role played by the Corruption and Crime Commission in aiding security operation during the 2011 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting23 Feb 2012
21 Parliamentary Inspector's Report Concerning Telecommunication Interceptions and Legal Professional Privilege24 Nov 2011
20 Closed Hearing with Gail Archer SC and Further Analysis of Proposed Reforms to the Corruption and Crime Commission Act 200329 Sep 2011
19 Annual Report 2010-201122 Sep 2011
18 Parliamentary Inspector's Report Concerning the Procedures Adopted by the Corruption and Crime Commission when Dealing with Complaints of the Excessive Use of Force by Police8 Sep 2011
17 Acting Parliamentary Inspector's Inquiry Concerning Examination Procedures by the Corruption and Crime Commission1 Sep 2011
16 Resignation of Acting CCC Commissioner Michelle Hullett17 Aug 2011
15 Corruption Risks of Controlled Operations and Informants16 Jun 2011More...
14 Death of a Witness24 Feb 2011
13 Analysis of Recommended Reforms to the Corruption and Crime Commission Act 200317 Feb 2011More...
12 Report of the Parliamentary Inspector concerning Procedures Adopted by the Corruption and Crime Commission relating to Surveillance devices18 Nov 2010
11 Annual Report 2009-201023 Sep 2010
10 How the Corruption and Crime Commission can best work together with the Western Australian police Force to combat organised crime9 Sep 2010More...
9 Hearing with the Acting Commissioners of the Corruption and Crime Commission 26 May 2010
8 Corruption and Crime Commission Report on the Investigation of Alleged Public Sector Misconduct in Relation to Activities of an Associate to a Judge of the District Court of Western Australia18 Mar 2010More...
7 Hearing with Robert Cock QC26 Nov 2009
6 Parliamentary Inspector's Report into an Alleged Unauthorised Disclosure by the Corruption and Crime Commission12 Nov 2009
5 Annual Report 2008-200917 Sep 2009
4 Corruption and Crime Commission’s Response to the Select Committee into the Police Raid on the Sunday Times Report No118 Jun 2009
3 Robert Bilos7 May 2009More...
2 Report on the Relationship between the Parliamentary Inspector and the Commissioner of the Corruption and Crime Commission19 Mar 2009More...
1 Parliamentary Inspector’s Report Concerning Mr Stephen Lee24 Dec 2008
Purpose of undertakings

When the Committee finds an issue in delegated legislation, it may request an undertaking from the relevant local government or Minister to fix the issue (for example, by amending the delegated legislation).

A person or body giving an undertaking commits to do certain actions within a certain timeframe, for example to:

  • amend delegated legislation within a certain timeframe (usually 6 months) and not enforce it in the meantime;
  • provide a copy of the undertakings wherever the delegated legislation is publicly available (such as at a local government office or on a website);
  • provide a copy of the minutes of the meeting at which the council of a local government resolved to provide an undertaking.

Giving an undertaking to a Parliamentary Committee is a serious matter. A failure to comply with an undertaking may be reported to the Legislative Council for further action.

Title & summary Status
No proceedings