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Current Inquiries

Following are details for current inquiries before Parliamentary Committees. Go to the Inquiry pages below for details of the terms of reference, when submissions are due, public hearings, transcripts of hearings and reporting dates (you can also link back to details of the Committee conducting the inquiry) or switch to Past Inquiries.

Inquiry NameStatus
Agricultural Produce Commission Amendment Bill 2019
An Inquiry into the Monitoring and Enforcing of Child Safe Standards
An inquiry into the Western Australian Corruption and Crime Commission's oversight of police misconduct investigations, particularly allegations of excessive use of force
Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Amendment Bill 2017
Guardianship and Administration Amendment (Medical Research) Bill 2020
Inquiry into Local Government
Inquiry into Palliative Care in Western Australia
Inquiry into Private Property Rights
Inquiry into the Children and Community Services Amendment Bill 2019
Inquiry into the functions, processes and procedures of the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs
Inquiry into the Government’s Local Projects Local Jobs Program
Inquiry into the Magistrates Court of Western Australia's management of matters involving family and domestic violence
Inquiry into use of State funding by the Western Australian Football Commission
Inquiry into Western Australia's economic relationship with the Republic of India
Inquiry into WorkSafe
Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Bill 2020 & Legal Profession Uniform Law Application (Levy) Bill 2020
Statutory Office Holders
Transport Legislation Amendment (Identity Matching Services)Bill 2020
Work Health and Safety Bill 2019