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  • The Legislative Council meets on 27/02/2024 (01:00 PM)
    Council sit 27/02/2024
  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 12/03/2024 (01:00 PM)
    Assembly sit 12/03/2024
  • The Estimates Committee meets on 28/02/2024 (10:30 AM)
    Committee meet 28/02/2024

Closed e-Petitions for the Legislative Council

Summary Number of Signatures Closing Date
24-0002Additional bus for school students from Brunswick to Harvey Senior High School821 Feb 2024
23-0022Julimar Forest becoming a National Park281911 Feb 2024
23-0040Reverse Ban on Live Sheep Export9022 Jan 2024
23-0037Giving Young People a Voice1518 Jan 2024
23-0035Call for WA Covid Policy Response Inquiry97117 Jan 2024
23-0020Reasonable and Inclusive eRideable Legislation33220 Dec 2023
23-0034Enforcing Statutory Planning Scheme - Binningup Golf Course and Community Land1629 Nov 2023
23-0033Building Industry and Stimulus Grants42127 Nov 2023
23-0036Firearm Reform157827 Nov 2023
23-0038Extending Consultation Period on Proposed Firearms Reforms1267313 Nov 2023
23-0027The New Women and Babies Hospital Location47926 Nov 2023
23-0028Say No to race-dividing ‘Voice’ in WA Constitution102666 Nov 2023
23-0029Patient Assisted Travel Scheme10092 Nov 2023
23-0026Leave faith-based schools alone516516 Oct 2023
23-0025Enforcing Statutory Planning Scheme- Binningup Golf Course and Community Land769 Oct 2023
23-0011The introduction of daylight saving time in Western Australia103028 Sep 2023
23-0021Kimberley Crime103220 Sep 2023
23-0024Electoral Reform240511 Sep 2023
23-0023Abortion Legislation Reform Bill 2023539428 Aug 2023
23-0016Western Australian Truth-Telling and Justice Commission 73418 Aug 2023
23-0017Midwest Aeromedical Rescue Helicopter104615 Aug 2023
23-0012Discrimination against unborn children with Down Syndrome30237 Aug 2023
23-0015Firearm Act Reform57504 Aug 2023
23-0006Medically monitored injection room852 Aug 2023
23-0019Threat to Broome lifestyle and livelihoods47818 Jul 2023
23-0008Upgrade of East Road and Wanneroo Road Intersection117228 Jun 2023
23-0018Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2971420 Jun 2023
23-0010Amending the Cat Act 2011 to Confine Cats to Premises619531 May 2023
23-0014Stop West Australian Shalom Group from Operating out of the Mercyville Site, Craigie 602575811 May 2023
23-0007Gold-standard transparency owed on the Voice74898 May 2023
23-0005Wittenoom Memorial for Australia's worst industrial disaster6935 May 2023
23-0013Firearms Laws5924 May 2023
23-0009The murder of Stacey Robyn Thorne which occurred on the 9th December 2007643 May 2023
22-0026Royal Commission to evaluate our Health System157612 Apr 2023
23-0002Racial Discrimination within the Western Australian Justice System8328 Mar 2023
23-0004Religious freedom619227 Mar 2023
23-0001Need for broad based transport subsidies following the collapse of the Fitzroy Valley Bridge and the severing of the Highway 1 transport route35015 Mar 2023
22-0027Air conditioning at Roebourne Regional Prison60310 Mar 2023
23-0003Sealing of the Remainder of the Goldfields Highway Meekatharra Wiluna Road2251 Mar 2023
22-0021Upholding recommendation 5 of the AFAC Independent Operational Review of the Wooroloo Bushfire 202145822 Feb 2023
22-0028No More Emergency Powers Without Oversight940715 Feb 2023
22-0018Risk Proportionate Vaping Regulations in WA11837 Feb 2023
22-0029Litter bisecting the Walpole Wilderness656 Feb 2023
22-0025Protecting rights of parents and role of faith-based schools1023424 Nov 2022
22-0022Protecting Children from Harmful Hypersexualised Advertising29039 Nov 2022
22-0017Removal and Abandonment of Shopping Trolleys 1304 Nov 2022
22-0009Request to Parliament to hold an inquiry into past adoptive polices and practices3182 Nov 2022
22-0012Stolen Generations Compensation131026 Oct 2022
22-0023LGBTIQA plus Rights in western Australia294113 Oct 2022
22-0024Sustainable forest management94612 Oct 2022
22-0019Funding of Ambulance Services in WA102111 Oct 2022
22-0020Proposed 8 or 9 month demersal bans 178899 Oct 2022
22-0004Banning Greyhound Racing In WA1344912 Sep 2022
22-0016Wait times and access to allied health services from 0-8 age range in WA375111 Aug 2022
22-0014Petition in relation to abortion rights in Western Australia257310 Aug 2022
22-0013No Further State of Emergency Declarations to be Made103023 Aug 2022
22-0015School Response and Planning Guidelines to Suicidal Behaviour and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury82329 Jul 2022
22-0011Commercial development of Crown land Pinnaroo Point - Central Nodes Foreshore Reserve No. 39497 Hillarys Lot 501 CT 501/DP417135A34312 Jul 2022
22-0006Local Government Reform101911 Jul 2022
22-0010Improved Safety and Compensation Port Hedland Taxi Drivers111 Jul 2022
22-0007Legalising Cannabis78430 Jun 2022
22-0008Urgent review of the WA Home Indemnity Insurance policy scheme10218 May 2022
22-0005Transparent health advice and modelling informing ‘state of emergency’ declarations83195 May 2022
22-0003Minimum penalties for animal abuse under the Animal Welfare Act 200269513 Apr 2022
22-0002Regional Electricity Network211416 Mar 2022