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  • The LA Estimates A meets on 21/09/2021 (09:00 AM)
    LA Estimates A sit 21/09/2021
  • The LA Estimates B meets on 21/09/2021 (09:00 AM)
    LA Estimates B sit 21/09/2021
  • The Public Administration Committee meets on 23/09/2021 (01:30 PM)
    Committee meet 23/09/2021

Legislative Council

Upper House

The Legislative Council is the upper house of the Parliament of Western Australia, and comprises 36 members elected from six multi-member regions by a system of proportional representation.

Broad shot of the Legislative Council from the Clerks’ table

Role of the Legislative Council

The Legislative Council, or upper house, has a significant role as a house of review, particularly with respect to legislation.

Member participating in debates in the Legislative Council

Members of the Legislative Council

There are 36 members of the Legislative Council drawn from six electoral regions across the State.

Legislative Council of Western Australia Chevron


Committees undertake detailed investigations into an issue, including taking evidence from experts, agencies and the public.

Legislative Council Committee meeting