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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 313 asked in the Legislative Council on 4 April 2019 by Hon Colin Holt

Parliament: 40 Session: 1

Answered on 4 April 2019


313. Hon COLIN HOLT to the minister representing the Treasurer:

I refer to the proposed sale of the WA TAB.

(1) When will enabling legislation come before Parliament, given that the Treasurer's media statement dated 9 October 2018 said that it would be ''early in 2019''?

(2) Have there been delays in drafting the enabling legislation?

(3) If yes to (2), what are the reasons for the delays?

(4) When will the Treasurer introduce the legislation and provide certainty to the industry?

(5) Can the Treasurer guarantee that the WA TAB will be sold before the 2021 state election?

(6) Referring to question without notice 41 asked on 13 February 2019, has the probity plan now been adopted and will the Treasurer please table it?


I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question.

(1) On current time lines, the enabling legislation is expected to be introduced in May 2019.

(2)–(3) The drafting of legislation has taken time due to the need to consult industry and the complexities of amending existing legislation to allow for a new wagering licence regime. Although the government's careful approach to consulting with the racing industry has taken time, this has been important to help resolve the uncertainty created by the former government's failure to properly consult the industry when it considered the matter.

(4) See answer to (1).

(5) The government's objective is to sell the TAB before the 2021 election; however, this will depend on a range of factors, including timely passage of the enabling legislation.

(6) The probity plan has been adopted. It is an internal governance document for the project and tabling it could compromise the sale process if it were made available publicly. This would be against the racing industry's interests. We look forward to the opposition's support for the quick passage of this legislation to provide the certainty for the industry the member is seeking.