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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 1685 asked in the Legislative Council on 10 October 2018 by Hon Robin Chapple

Question Directed to the: Minister for Environment representing the Minister for Energy
Minister responding: Hon B.S. Wyatt
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

I refer to question on notice No. 1429, asked by Hon Robin Chapple to the Minister for Energy in the Legislative Council on Tuesday, 26 June 2018, and I ask:
(a) is the Minister aware that Horizon Power's General Manager, Mr Mark Paterson resides in Brisbane with his family and commutes to Perth;
(b) has Horizon Power incurred any expenses for Mr Mark Paterson's travel between Brisbane and Perth; and
(c) does the Minister support this arrangement?

Answered on 6 November 2018

(a) Yes, Mr Paterson has two places of residence – one in Perth and one in Brisbane. His family remain in Brisbane.

(b) Costs incurred for travel between Mr Paterson’s private residence and primary place of work is at his personal expense, in accordance with a schedule of travel set down four to six months in advance.

Horizon Power, on occasion, has required Mr Paterson to travel interstate for business purposes. Reasonable costs associated with travel for business purposes, outside of the arrangements outlined above, have been incurred by Horizon Power.

(c) I was surprised to learn of the employment arrangements entered into with Mr Paterson and have expressed my view to Horizon’s new Chairman that all employees should be based in Western Australia.