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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 2664 asked in the Legislative Council on 31 October 2019 by Hon Alison Xamon

Question Directed to the: Minister for Environment representing the Minister for Corrective Services
Minister responding: Hon F.M. Logan
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

I refer to the provision of education to young people in Banksia Hill Detention Centre (Banksia Hill), and I ask:
(a) how many Education Assistant FTE are currently employed at Banksia Hill;
(b) how many of these FTE positions are currently filled;
(c) if none to (a):
(i) why; and
(ii) does the Government intend to employ any education assistants in Banksia Hill; and
(d) if no to (c)(ii), why not?

Answered on 5 December 2019

(a) Nil. There are currently 23FTE teacher positions at Banksia Hill Detention Centre. There are currently no Education Assistant positions.

(b) Not applicable.

(c) (i)  There is no current available funding for Education Assistant FTE positions at Banksia Hill Detention Centre.

(ii) Not at this stage, however the Department is currently exploring options to enhance its educational program at Banksia Hill for detainees, which may also lead to consideration being given to utilising Education Assistants. A young person’s education needs are assessed during the admission process at Banksia Hill. This is done on an individual basis to ensure that each young person receives the support they require. The allocation of resources is dependent on each young person’s needs.

(d) See c (ii).