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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 1770 asked in the Legislative Council on 8 November 2018 by Hon Jim Chown

Question Directed to the: Minister for Regional Development representing the Minister for Tourism; Racing and Gaming; Small Business; Defence Issues; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests
Minister responding: Hon P. Papalia
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

(1) Since 12 March 2017, has the Minister for Tourism received any formal proposals from the Rottnest Island Authority seeking funding for maintenance or upgrades to the army jetty, main jetty or seawall?
(2) If yes to (1), what works were proposed to be undertaken, what funding was sought and what was the proposed time frame?
(3) If yes to (1), was the funding approved or declined by the Minister for Tourism and what were the reasons for this decision?

Answered on 6 December 2018

(1)   No. The listed projects were being funded within the existing approved Budget.

(2)   Not applicable

(3)   Not applicable