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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 520 asked in the Legislative Council on 7 December 2017 by Hon Ken Baston

Question Directed to the: Leader of the House representing the Premier
Minister responding: Hon M. McGowan
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

I refer to The West Australian newspaper of 6 December 2017 and the article entitled, "Fat cat cull", and I ask:

(a) how many State Emergency Services staff have left the public service since 12 March 2017;
(b) what was the position of each staff member who left the public service;
(c) how many years' service did each public servant who left work for the Western Australian Government; and
(d) has the number of consultants hired by the Western Australian Government increased since 12 March 2017 and, if so, by how many?
Answered on 29 March 2018

Based on the clauses of the member’s question and the contents of the referred article, it is unclear whether the member intended to ask about the State Emergency Services or the Senior Executive Service, both of which share the SES acronym used in the article.

It is also difficult to compare the number of consultants engaged by the West Australian Government without a requested time frame for comparison.

If the member was to clarify these matters, I will endeavour to answer it.