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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 475 asked in the Legislative Council on 16 December 2021 by Hon Martin Aldridge

Question Directed to the: Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Small Business
Minister responding: Hon R.R. Whitby
Parliament: 41 Session: 1

(1) I refer to Western Australia's border reopening on 5 February 2022 and concerns from the small business community that they have not been provided with adequate advice, as reported by WA Today on 14 December, and I ask, what advice or guidelines has the State Government issued to businesses regarding their obligations if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs at their business after 5 February 2022?
(2) What advice or guidelines has the State Government issued to businesses regarding their obligations to confirm the vaccination status of patrons after 5 February 2022?
(3) Will workers who test positive to COVID-19 after 5 February 2022 be able to continue to work, or will they be required to self-isolate, and for what length of time?
(4) What support will the State Government provide businesses or individuals if they are unable to open or attend work due to a COVID-19 outbreak after 5 February 2022?

Answered on 15 February 2022

(1 – 2) The Department of Health website provides guidance to businesses and locations that have been identified as COVID-19 exposure sites. A wide-range of business tools, resources and guidance is published on the WA Government and Small Business Development Commission websites. This information will continue to be updated based on public health advice as WA’s Updated Transition Plan proceeds.

(3) Western Australians who test positive to COVID-19 self-isolate for a minimum of seven days. If no symptoms present after day seven, you can leave self-isolation with no testing required. If symptoms are still present at day seven, individuals must continue isolating until symptoms clear.

(4) Workers are able to access the WA Government’s $320 COVID-19 test isolation payment if they directed to isolate while waiting for a PCR test result, are unable to work from home and do not have access to paid leave or other income.

Individuals who cannot earn an income because they must self-isolate, quarantine or care for someone who has COVID-19 are able to access a pandemic leave disaster payment through Services Australia.

The State Government has provided nearly $10 billion in COVID-19 response measures to support frontline services, businesses, households and boost our economic recovery. The State Government will continue to provide targeted support and assistance as required.