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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 626 asked in the Legislative Council on 17 March 2022 by Hon Dr Brad Pettitt

Question Directed to the: Minister for Emergency Services representing the Minister for Finance
Minister responding: Hon Dr A.D. Buti
Parliament: 41 Session: 1

I refer to a question without notice regarding electric vehicles asked on 16 March 2022, and I ask:
(a) how many and what percentage of eligible vehicles are electric vehicles to date;
(b) how many and what percentage of total fleet vehicles are electric vehicles to date;
(c) how many electric vehicles are ordered and expected for delivery currently and when is delivery expected; and
(d) how many hybrid vehicles are in the government fleet?

Answered on 10 May 2022

The Department of Finance advises, as of 28 March 2022:

(a) There are 13 electric vehicles in eligible categories, comprising 0.7 per cent of eligible vehicles.

(b) Of the total fleet vehicles, 21.5 per cent are eligible vehicles. There are 32 electric vehicles in the total Government fleet which is 0.4 per cent of eligible and ineligible active vehicles.

(c) There are currently 38 electric vehicles on order with expected delivery dates ranging from April to December 2022, with further orders for electric vehicles expected to be placed.

(d) There are 459 hybrid vehicles in the Government fleet.