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    Assembly sit 04/12/2020

Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 2569 asked in the Legislative Council on 15 October 2019 by Hon Tim Clifford

Question Directed to the: Minister for Environment representing the Minister for Energy
Minister responding: Hon W.J. Johnston
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

(1) Why was a solar power company required to disconnect its solar power system from the grid in Menzies, Western Australia?
(2) What proportion of Menzies electricity was provided by renewable sources prior to this occurring?
(3) What proportion of Menzies electricity is currently provided by renewable sources?
(4) What sources provide the remainder of Menzies current electricity needs?
(5) Will the company be permitted to reconnect its solar power system and, if so, when?

Answered on 19 November 2019

  1. Horizon Power did not disconnect a solar power company in Menzies.
  2. Not applicable
  3. Between July-September 2019, approximately 2.4% of energy used by Horizon Power was imported from rooftop solar generation.

  4. Diesel.

  5. Not applicable