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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 1953 asked in the Legislative Council on 12 March 2019 by Hon Robin Chapple

Question Directed to the: Minister for Environment
Minister responding: Hon S.N. Dawson
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

I refer to question on notice No. 1499, asked in the Legislative Council on Wednesday, 12 September 2018, by Hon Robin Chapple MLC to the Minister for Environment, regarding the Derby Tidal Power project proposal implementation time limit, and ask:
(a) has the Minister made a decision about Tidal Energy Australia’s request for a five year extension after failing to meet their first five year time limit on starting work;
(b) if yes to (a), what is that decision; and
(c) if no to (a):
(i) when will the decision be made; and
(ii) why has there been a delay in making the decision?

Answered on 10 April 2019

(a) – (c)(ii) I am advised that the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) is currently considering the information provided with the request for the five-year time limit extension to Ministerial Statement 941. The Derby Tidal Power Station project has a long and complex history dating back to 1999 and is located in a sensitive environment. The request to extend the approval for a further five years needs to be given careful consideration. Once I have considered advice from the DWER I will make my decision.