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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 969 asked in the Legislative Council on 6 December 2017 by Hon Tim Clifford

Minister responding: Hon D.J. Kelly
Parliament: 40 Session: 1
Answered on 6 December 2017

      969. Hon TIM CLIFFORD to the minister representing the Minister for Innovation and ICT:
I refer to the minister's response to question without notice 887.
      (1) Could the minister please table a list of all individuals and organisations from the games industry that were consulted ahead of the new industries fund announcement and the dates that those consultations took place?
      (2) What is the process and criteria for applying for funding through the new industries fund and when will funding become available?
      (3) Will any of the funding streams available through the new industries fund be exclusively available to the WA games industry?
I thank the member for the question. The following answer has been provided to me by the Minister for Innovation and ICT.
      (1) Individuals and organisations from the innovation sector, including gaming, were consulted about the new industries fund via meetings, an industry consortium and a regional innovation summit.
      (2) The new industries fund has a number of initiatives, each with specific criteria. These initiatives will be advertised as they become available.
      (3) The new industries fund is for all Western Australian innovators, emerging businesses and small to medium-sized enterprises, including those from the gaming sector, and all are encouraged to apply for funds through fund initiatives. The fund has not been fully allocated, and further programs and initiatives will be announced in the future.
      The PRESIDENT: I give the call to Hon Colin Tincknell.
Hon COLIN TINCKNELL: My question without notice is to the minister representing the Treasurer. Sorry for the dorothy dixer.
The PRESIDENT: Did you say ''without notice''?
The PRESIDENT: You are asking a question of a minister who is representing another minister. You need to ask a question with some notice provided. You cannot ask a question without notice because they do not have access to that information.
Hon COLIN TINCKNELL: It is a pretty straightforward question. It is very easy.
The PRESIDENT: Member, you do not understand. Let me explain this. You are asking them in their capacity as a representative of another minister in a different chamber. They will not necessarily have that answer and they should not be expected to have that answer. You can ask them a question without notice if it is directly related to their own portfolios that they have responsibility for in this chamber.