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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 961 asked in the Legislative Council on 6 December 2017 by Hon Alison Xamon

Minister responding: Hon R.H. Cook
Parliament: 40 Session: 1
Answered on 6 December 2017

      961. Hon ALISON XAMON to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Mental Health:
I refer to the review of the statewide specialist Aboriginal mental health service.
(1) When will the minister complete the review of SSAMHS?
(2) Will the minister commit to making the review publicly available?
(3) If no to (2), why not?
      (4) Have any existing SSAMHS staff been consulted about service model options being considered under the review?
(5) If no to (4), why not?
      (6) If a decision is made not to fund the service, will the minister advise how the expertise of the highly skilled Aboriginal mental health workers currently employed under this program will be retained?
      (7) If there is no commitment to retain these workers, does the minister envisage that they will be part of the 3 000 public sector redundancies announced in the budget?
Hon SAMANTHA ROWE replied:
On behalf of the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Mental Health, I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question. I am advised as follows.
      (1) An evaluation of the SSAMHS program has been completed by the Mental Health Commission. This evaluation was completed to support a budget submission through the 2017–18 midyear review process in line with the current Department of Treasury sunset clause.
      (2) A summary of the evaluation will be made available by the Mental Health Commission in early 2018, subject to finalisation of consideration by the government.
(3) Not applicable.
      (4) The Mental Health Commission worked with health service providers, including SSAMHS staff, on reviewing the current model of service.
(5) Not applicable.
      (6)–(7) This matter is subject to cabinet consideration as part of the 2017–18 midyear review process and therefore is currently subject to cabinet confidentiality.