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Question Without Notice No. 1116 asked in the Legislative Council on 26 September 2019 by Hon Diane Evers

Parliament: 40 Session: 1

Answered on


1116. Hon DIANE EVERS to the Minister for Agriculture and Food:

I refer to the southern forests irrigation scheme and the proposed infrastructure at Record Brook.

(1) Is the minister aware that a significant registered karri tree, the ''Stewart Tree'', considered to be the tallest recorded karri tree, is located within Record Brook?

(2) What is the expected impact of the proposed infrastructure and any clearing on the registered tree?

(a) Is it likely that the tree will need to be removed?

(b) If no to (a), what distance will the proposed infrastructure and any clearing be from the tree?

(3) Has the Conservation and Parks Commission been consulted in relation to the tree, and what was its advice?

(4) If no to (3), why not?


I thank the member for the question.

(1) Yes. The identification of the ''Stewart Tree'' occurred early in the project planning. I am advised that the location of the proposed reservoir wall has been moved further upstream from its optimal location, precisely to avoid any potential harmful impact on the ''Stewart Tree''.

(2) There are no expected impacts on the tree, either during the construction of infrastructure or during the operation. In particular, the ''Stewart Tree'' will not need to be removed, and the closest infrastructure will be approximately 200 metres away. There is some discussion as to how the final stage of the scheme could enhance the tourism aspects of promoting the ''Stewart Tree'', such as the construction of walk trails.

(3)–(4) Liaison has occurred and continues to occur with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions on this and other matters that fall within its responsibility. Briefing of the Conservation and Parks Commission regarding this matter is at the discretion of the DBCA.