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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 2826 asked in the Legislative Council on 19 February 2020 by Hon Alison Xamon

Question Directed to the: Minister for Environment representing the Minister for Corrective Services
Minister responding: Hon F.M. Logan
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

I refer to the Department's response to 'The Birth at Bandyup Women’s Prison in March 2018,' report Recommendation 4, and I ask:
(a) how many random audits have now been undertaken;
(b) has the Department incorporated random audits into compliance review activities; and
(c) if no to (b), why not?

Answered on 31 March 2020

(a) Bandyup Women’s Prison’s (BWP) standard practice is daily auditing of prisoner cell calls. In January 2020, BWP commenced a monthly audit of prisoner cell calls using 6 randomly chosen days per month.

(b) Yes.

(c) Not applicable.