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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 525 asked in the Legislative Council on 27 June 2018 by Hon Diane Evers

Minister responding: Hon S.M. Ellery
Parliament: 40 Session: 1
Answered on

      525. Hon DIANE EVERS to the Minister for Education and Training:
I refer to the Department of Education's registration of interest process being undertaken to assist with the planning for the lease and operation of the Pemberton camp school, as well as other camp sites and Landsdale Farm School.
      (1) How many students attended the camp school from 2013 to 2017 and how many are expected to attend the camp school in 2018?
      (2) Has the government undertaken a full cost–benefit analysis of the value of the camp school to the local community in broad terms, including the effect on tourism and local small business, particularly given the recent closure of the mill; and, if not, why not?
      (3) Will the government develop terms of lease that safeguard or enhance the co-benefits that the operation of the camp school provides to the local community; and —
          (a) if yes, please describe how the terms of lease will safeguard or enhance the co-benefits to the community; and,
          (b) if not, why not?
Hon SUE ELLERY replied:
I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question.
      (1) The answer is in tabular form, so I seek leave to have that part of the answer incorporated into Hansard.
Leave granted.
The following material was incorporated —
          1 176
          1 201
          1 497
          1 480
          1 630

* As at 26 June 2018. Bookings are tentative and subject to change.
      (2) No. The Pemberton site will cease operating as a camp school under the Department of Education. The procurement process currently underway is to identify a suitable future operator with the objective to ensure that the facility continues to add value to the broader local community.
      (3) No.
          (a) Not applicable.
          (b) The purpose of camp schools is to provide affordable camp experiences for school students. This will be included in the lease arrangement. It will be in the interests of the operators to develop working relationships with the community.