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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 262 asked in the Legislative Council on 11 April 2018 by Hon Peter Collier

Minister responding: Hon B.S. Wyatt
Parliament: 40 Session: 1
Answered on 11 April 2018


262. Hon PETER COLLIER to the minister representing the Minister for Energy:

I refer to Synergy's advertising campaign for the Alkimos battery project.

(1) What was the total cost of the advertising campaign?

(2) Over what period was the campaign expected to run?

(3) Did the minister approve the advertising campaign?

(4) What was the rationale for the campaign, given Synergy has a monopoly over the residential market?

(5) Was the campaign terminated early; and, if so, on what basis?


I thank the Leader of the Opposition for some notice of the question.

(1) There is no specific advertising campaign for the Alkimos battery project. The project is part of Synergy's broader communications to its customers and as such the cost of advertising for the Alkimos battery project is unable to be specifically itemised.

(2) Communications regarding the Alkimos battery project will continue for the duration of the trial of the new technology energy storage so that impacts on the network and benefits to customers can be understood.

(3) The minister is not required to approve Synergy's operational activities. The Alkimos battery project was launched by the former Minister for Energy, Dr Mike Nahan, in April 2016 and Synergy has been communicating since then to its customers regarding the trial.

(4) The Alkimos battery project is trialling new technology energy storage and evaluating its potential impact on traditional generation, the network and its benefits to customers. Synergy has and will continue to communicate about the trial to the energy stakeholders, including electricity customers. Synergy is not communicating specifically about a product that it is bringing to market that is broadly available in the residential market, but communicating about a trial of new technology that may form the foundation for electricity generation, storage and distribution in the future. More broadly, Synergy communicates with its customers to highlight relevant services and products that broaden customer access to energy solutions and help manage energy costs.

(5) No.