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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 3127 asked in the Legislative Council on 18 August 2020 by Hon Robin Chapple

Question Directed to the: Minister for Ports
Minister responding: Hon A. MacTiernan
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

I refer to the Kimberley Marine Supply Base (KMSB), and I ask:
(a) does the current economic situation, as demonstrated by the job losses at the Port of Broome, make it less likely that the KMSB project will go ahead as planned;
(b) if no to (a), will the Minister please explain how the project is expected to deviate from the original plan; and
(c) if no to (b), has the KMSB provided a revised business case for the project:
(i) if yes to (c), will the Minister please provide the document; and
(ii) if no to (c), will the Minister request a revised business case:
(A) if no to (c)(ii), why not?

Answered on 22 September 2020

(a)  No, the proponents of the KMSB project advise that their project is based on long term projections and they continue to assess strong demand for the infrastructure.

(b) The project is not expected to deviate from the original plan.

(c)  No.

      (i)  Not applicable

      (ii) No.

      (iii) The Kimberley Marine Support Base (KMSB) construction project is scheduled to be finalised in 2022, at which time, based on the demand and vessel forecast analysis, and assuming the Port Master Plan base case scenario, additional berth capacity will be required which will be supplied through the KMSB project.