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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 919 asked in the Legislative Council on 10 October 2018 by Hon Colin De Grussa

Parliament: 40 Session: 1

Answered on 10 October 2018


919. Hon COLIN de GRUSSA to the minister representing the Minister for Emergency Services:

There may be a sense of deja vu with this question I think! I refer to Department of Fire and Emergency Services tender DFES 178818—anyone would think we shared an office!—for naming rights to the emergency helicopter fleet and to a separate tender, DFESRFP 179518, for the Bushfire Centre of Excellence.

(1) Why does the minister believe the naming rights for a helicopter require a longer tender process than the proposed $18 million Bushfire Centre of Excellence?

(2) Why is there no promotion of the Bushfire Centre of Excellence tender on the DFES website when there is promotion of the helicopter naming tender?

(3) Does the minister consider that a corporate brand on a helicopter is more important than the Bushfire Centre of Excellence?

(4) Please table all media statements from DFES and the minister in relation to both of these tenders.


I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services advises the following.

(1) The process to select a sponsor for the emergency rescue helicopters is a separate process from the request for proposal for the Bushfire Centre of Excellence, which calls for expressions of interest based on eligibility criteria. They are separate processes with separate requirements.

(2) The request for proposal process is not a formal tender process; it is a preliminary process to gauge interest in hosting the new Bushfire Centre of Excellence. All 108 eligible local governments were contacted directly and all information is provided in a single location through Tenders WA.

(3) No.

(4) I table the attached document.

[See paper 2031.]