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Parliamentary Questions

Question Without Notice No. 3 asked in the Legislative Council on 11 May 2017 by Hon Jacqui Boydell

Parliament: 40 Session: 1
Answered on

      3. Hon JACQUI BOYDELL to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Regional Development:
I extend my congratulations to the ministers in this house, in particular my colleague in the Mining and Pastoral Region Hon Stephen Dawson, and the first female leader of the Legislative Council. I interestingly listened to Hon Sally Talbot's speech in the Address‑in‑Reply. I congratulate the Leader of the House on that role.
I refer to publicly reported comments made by the Minister for Regional Development that there will be less royalties for regions funding available and that some projects being considered for funding might now get the chop.
      (1) Has the minister asked the Department of Regional Development to identify projects or business cases that could be reprioritised?
      (2) How many projects or business cases have been identified and provided to the minister for consideration to date?
      (3) How many of the projects under consideration already have a signed financial assistance agreement?
(4) Has the minister decided which projects will be axed?
(5) If yes to (4), can the minister detail those projects?
(6) If no to (4), can the minister advise when this decision will be made?
Hon DARREN WEST replied:
I thank the honourable member for what I am sure will be the first of many questions to the Minister for Regional Development.
Several members interjected.
Hon DARREN WEST: I think members opposite are aware who the minister is.
Several members interjected.
The PRESIDENT: Order! Let us hear the answer.
      Hon DARREN WEST: The answer is —
      (1)–(6) The government will be prioritising the election commitments it promised to deliver in the regions. All pre‑existing projects are being reviewed. Some projects, such as the regional grants scheme and various tourism projects, have been approved to proceed and all decisions will be finalised between now and the budget.