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Parliamentary Questions

Question On Notice No. 2858 asked in the Legislative Council on 11 March 2020 by Hon Jacqui Boydell

Question Directed to the: Parliamentary Secretary representing the Minister for Mental Health
Minister responding: Hon R.H. Cook
Parliament: 40 Session: 1

I refer to question without notice 1396, answered on 4 December 2019, and I ask:
(a) have any full time employees at the Wheatbelt Mental Health Service (WMHS), changed since question without notice 1396 was answered;
(b) if yes to (a), can the Minister please detail;
(c) how much funding was attributed to the WMHS in 2017-18 and 2018-19;
(d) how many staff members at the WMHS are currently on leave; and
(e) is the Minister aware of any situations of confirmed or suspected suicide, in the Wheatbelt this year?

Answered on 12 May 2020

I am advised:

(a) Yes.

(b) In addition to ordinary variance in occupancy and vacancy, there has been a reduction of 0.5 FTE.

(c) 2017-18 - $6,191,543 

2018-19 - $8,359,333

This includes $1,161,561 which is attributed to the addition of the Southern Wheatbelt catchment to the WMHS service delivery area for 9 months in 2018-19 (with an additional catchment population of around 22,000 people).

(d) Nine.

(e) Yes, the ‘Northam Postvention Committee (NPC) are currently involved with the coordination of responses to several suspected suicides in the Wheatbelt region.